17 January 2006

Must be the season of the witch...

In the span of 2 days I received 2 rejections.

In my youth I would have been devastated. I used to keep a box of my rejection letters in a cigar box. They were a mish mash of items. Mostly from graduate schools and gallery exhibits. I have since burned them all (I really don't think it's healthy to keep that sort of thing)

One of the current rejections came by email. I was enquiring about joining am artist's group in a town not too far away. "Too many people involved." How can that be?

The other came by post and I already knew for months about it(it was a hunch really). I had entered a monologue contest for the local library. The subject was to write about a disaster, real or imaginary. I wrote about a woman who escapes a zombie attack. It was very funny. Maybe I'll post it.

I'm not giving up, it's really about being an outsider and having to find a new way.


Lilly said...

I am truly sorry to hear about your rejections, PG -- those people do not know what they are missing out on! Their loss.
You're right: do not ever give up!
[I'll join The Club of Rejects -- I am currently applying for almost every single job I see available. Today I sent off an application by email, requested a receipt to confirm it had been read - this receipt came at 4.49pm; just after I'd sent off the actual email - followed by an electronic letter of rejection that landed in my inbox at 4.50pm! The guy cannot possible have read my application and written that email to me in ONE minute! Anyway...I am digressing].

Do post that story about the zombie! Night of The Living Dead is one of the best and most scary films I've ever watched......well, you know, speaking of zombies and stuff....

...I need some coffee.....

paintergirl said...

That's absurd about the rejection so quickly-there is no way possible. So sorry to hear about that. Yes, it is a club. But we don't give up do we?

I'll find my little zombie bit, and it will make you laugh.

Lilly said...

Nope, we're not gonna give up! ;-)

Yes, please do post the story -- I look forward to reading it.

Take care, Sweet PainterGirl

Gothamimage said...

It's usually good to look on the bright side, but it takes practice for some of us. Some people just always convert the negative into the positive. They overdo it. The trick is the find that balance.

paintergirl said...

hey gotham-
It's true. some people over do it. that can be truly annoying-it's stricking a balance.

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