15 January 2006

Don't let the sun catch you crying...

I know this doesn't look like some of my other paintings, but I'm all about trying news things. This is my way to do it. I have some more sea creature ideas, then I'll move on.

Last night was nice. Fell asleep to the sounds of a snowstorm.


Rose said...

Love it! Bold and sunny - looks like some kind of friendly virus.

You have a very sweet smile PG!

Lilly said...

I couldn't say it any better than Rose with whom I totally agree. I love it too. Beautiful and so simple. I like simplicity though it's not something I am good at practising myself.....

Glad to hear you had a nice night -- falling asleep to a snow storm sounds wonderful. I love snow. It's all gone here for the time being though.

paintergirl said...

Hi Rose-Thanks about both. I have been wanting to do this painting for awhile, and decided to do it even though I was really sick that day. Maybe I was thinking of brighter days when I picked out my color scheme.

Lilly-Thank man. I was going for a brittle sea star, but this is my own way I guess.
Our snow from decemebr had gone away, due to a warm spell and rain, but now we have new snow and averything is freash again.

Gothamimage said...

Very good. The science influence is there.

paintergirl said...

thanks gotham-I was reading one of those old seashore books with my son. I was struck by how long the legs were of the brittlestar. Had to do a painting.

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