18 January 2006

I'm not like everybody else...

Here is the zombie story. It was written in my complete freak out phase of zombies last summer. Enjoy.

I'm really not feeling very well. Too exhausted. You know what they say about flight or fright...o.k. so I don't remember either. All I know it's been nothing but fright and I would L-O-V-E it to take flight. Come on National Guard-rescue me take me away. Oh but wait, this is my purgatory. I forgot, I wrote about this in my blog.

I wish I had some water up here with me.

Think Think

Tomorrow I'll look around up here, maybe there's some stuff I can use in that utility closet.

I just need to rest my eyes, but all I hear is that MOANING! If they don't find me up here I swear I'll go insane from their annoying groans. I'll just jump off this building if they (whispering) don't shut up.

I still can't believe it. One minute I'm trying on jeans in Macy's-the next thing I know, there is a cavalcade down at the food court, and brother, it wasn't the sesame chicken that was all the rage. it was people. People eating people.

How did I escape? I remember running down a hall for staff only and in a room near the exit I saw a security officer on the phone. He just half smiled at me and well I must have looked pitiful enough because he handed me a gun. He placed the gun in my hand and said "Good luck"


Gun in one hand, car keys in the other, I took off out the emergency exit. Not the best plan. Zombies react to loud noises. They must know that loud noises equals fleshy brains.

How long had this been going on? Why were there so many? WHAT HAPPENED?!
In my car, I just started driving. Driving...

I'm usually terrified of expressways, but hey, since the zombie takeover the roads were practically empty. Just watch out for those runaway buses.

The radio stations kept playing the emergency broadcast warning, but there weren't any follow ups.
I still have no idea what happened.

I wound up here in Kingston. Yep, ran out of gas. But it was the same here too. Zombies everywhere.

I found this place because I thought it had the best spot in town. That and I was lucky enough to find a way up.

So here I am, stuck on a rooftop in Kingston, hoping some West Point boys will find me up here.

But for right now, I just need to sleep.


laurenbove said...

I don't know what's so odd here. Sounds like a perfectly typical trip to the mall to me. ;)

paintergirl said...

Hey ya LB!You know I was thinking it wasn't scary/funny enough. Have you ever checked out the glazed eyes of people eating at the food court? I have to agree with you-malls in general are zombiefied!

Lilly said...

PG! Thanks muchio for sharing your zombie story with us! I like it and I think it's scary --- I can just imagine you [or the narrating protagonist] on that rooftop.....creepy stuff! Zombies really freak me out. Like I said before Night of the Living Dead; amazing film......only watched it once. And I am only going to watch it again if I can cuddle up next to Alan in the sofa while it's on [and after, naturally]!

paintergirl said...

I think the whole thing is only I could probably act this out. I have such a fear of a zombie attack (we live 10 mins from a nuclear plant and you know what happens when there is a leak) Night of the Living dead and Shaun of the Dead are the only zombie movies I like. I absolutely hate them and I'm always trying to think of ways to escape.

RitaPita said...

Zombie movies are the only movies that scare the crap out of me every time.

Thanks for sharing PG!

Lilly said...

There seems to be a shared fear of zombies amongst your blog-readers, PainterGirl.....

Bradley Egel said...

Hi Pg -

I always see you over at mindful things...thought I would drop by...

and lo and behold...my favorite topic...brain eating zombies at the mall!

I have a weird love and fascination for both the science fiction and horror film genre and zombie flicks are of particular interest to me...yes...morose as that may sound it is true.

Loved your story :)

The Egel Nest

itsmelvin said...

"What was the sound?"

its weird but if i think about it, what kind of draws me to the genre is the idea of 'what if it really happened'? i've thought about how i would survive too, but i see it as an adventure. i imagine a new found freedom and opportunity to forge a purposeful exisitance. a post modern, wild west.

of course i also have fond memories of midnight screenings with friends when i was a kid. it's kinda weird to watch day of the dead, at a mall in the 'dead' of night...

Bradley Egel said...

I am a big fan of video games and the entire Resident Evil video game series is you...chasing and running from zombies...it is incredibly entertaining :)

Like playing a movie :)

The Egel Nest

paintergirl said...

Rita-Why is it zombies do that to us? I can handle anything else, but zombies. I over react instantly.

Lilly-Zombies are always very popular over here. If I talked about zombies all the time, I'd probably get on blog's little list. I can only handle very small doses of zombies.

Bradley-Welcome to paintergirl's terrified world of zombies. So glad you dropped by. Do you think it is a guy thing to be fascinated by zombies? I'm glad my blog friends like my story. I liked the Resident Evil Movie. Some things I can handle. I have seen the game-and oh yeah the zombie groans freak me out.

Melvin-the post modern, post apocolypse idea is the only thing that keeps my going with the zombies. Their moaning and eating brains really gets to me. i guess I couldn't handle hearing lions rip apart an animal either, but zombies.
Again with the mall-it's a zombie world in itself-so it's very appropriate.

So what is everyone's favorite zombie movie and why? I'm not sure if 28 Days Later counts. Does it? they were just infected-did they eat people? I don't remember.

acumamakiki said...

28 Days Later scares the crap out of me. That fast pace freaks me right out because it could be very real. My favorite zombie movie is Shaun of the Dead ~ I love that movie far too much.

paintergirl said...

Acu-You know for some reason 28 Days did not bother me too much, but the newest remake of Dawn of the dead will haunt me forever. I actuall started to cry at the very beginning because of the montage. I couldn't mentally handle it. Those zombies were super strong too, and ran fast. I can handle Shuan of the dead zombies.

Lilly said...

Hey!! I've been going on about Night of The Living Dead on this blog over the last week. Today I got it on DVD for my b'day -- it was Alan who gave me it and he had no idea that I'd been talking zombie-stuff in here recently!
What an amazing coincidence!

paintergirl said...

Happy B'day Lilly! I can't believe Alan got Night of the Living Dead for you. Too weird. I think I'll write a blog soon about strange coincidences. Winter would be a contrasting time to watch a zombie movie.

Vajana said...

my daughter and I were at an arcade the other day and she wanted to play a game...I did not realize until after the quarter was dropped that it was a zombie shooting game...I thought my 5 year old would be freaked but no, she pretty much blasted them. So, in conclusion, I'm keeping her around when the zombies attack. She has great aim.

paintergirl said...

A zombie shooting game...I think I would have been horrified. You have to keep her close by and of course arm her when needed.

Lilly said...

Thanks, PG - and yes, do post something about strange coincidences.... I find such things fascinating.

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