13 January 2006

I've come so far to see you all...

Acumamakiki (the list queen) had this up today. Lists are strange things. They give you a sort of abstracted view of someone's life.

4 places you've been on vacation
Amsterdam, London, Memphis, San Francisco

4 websites you visit daily
Athomewithrose, lillyslounge,Pointless and Absurd, lmtyd, and of course Acumamakiki

4 favorite foods
Chocolate, pizza, egg sandwiches, salmon patties

4 places you'd rather be
London, Vienna, Amsterdam, New Zealand

4 albums you can't live without(too hard), Pet Sounds, Rubber Soul, The Kinks greatest, I Love Life(Pulp), Radiator (SFA),Low Life(New Order-which is really the soundtrack to my life, honestly)

4 vehicles you've owned-(only 2) blue lemans, and a chapagney color Honda accord

4 jobs you've had in your life-cheese stacker(I was 8), YMCA camp couciler, mail sorter, gallery clicker girl

4 movies you could watch over and over-Donnie Darko, The Graduate, Get Carter(Michael Caine mind you) and Dr.Strangelove

4 TV shows you love to watch-My Name is Earl, The Office (BBC and American), Arrested Developement (only 3)


itsmelvin said...

since pg and i are so perfectly matched to each other, i'll skip where our answers are the same:

4 websites you visit daily–
athomewithrose, pointless and absurd, boing boing and yahoo finance (penny stock watching)

4 jobs you've had in your life-shoe salesman (the only job where i've been sacked), newspaperboy, waiter (lasted a week), health food store clerk

4 movies you could watch over and over-2001, alien, the tingler, shoot the piano player

4 tv shows–you forgot the simpsons, sweetie. are you trying to tell me something? my others; sanford and son, sopranos, any telemundo

Gothamimage said...

Thanks for your generous comment on my blog. Glad to get a laugh, especially from a good artist - Often, a demanding mindset.j/k

Lilly said...

Lists can be strangly addictive, I find it.....I like them. I am a great advocate of lists.

PG: You look SO lovely, by the way. Like the kind and warm person you seem to be. I noticed the photo :-)

acumamakiki said...

I love your photo ~ nice to place your face, esp. since we've got a date on Tuesday!!

I like your list and I've got to start watching the Earl show ~ everyone really likes it.

paintergirl said...

Lilly-Thanks-I took this photo myself on a whim. Decided to come out so to speak. I think I am very kind to people who show respect to others and themselves.

Acu-I was inspired to take a pic because you have yours up too. I love your bat tee! Earl is GREAT!! I think you would enjoy it.

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