07 December 2005

sometimes at night when the cold wind moans...

bear mountain
Originally uploaded by paintergirl1.
I've been thinking about these images for awhile, and now that it has snowed here, I really can't help myself in making them so graphic. Snow has that way about it. Everything is in contrast in the winter.


David said...

Ye gods, that's brilliant. I really love it. Is it ink and white paint on an opened out paper bag or something?

We only get snow down south every now and then (if you don't count the hills - the Southern Alps and the Desert Road in particular). When I was living in Dunedin and it snowed for the first time it just blew me away how everything was suddenly transformed.

itsmelvin said...

graphic and painterly--i love it! there's a lush quality, which really gives the feeling of snow.

what ever kick you're on, keep going in that direction, pg

paintergirl said...

david-thanks man! it's exactly what it is. melvin asked if I wanted this little gift bag and I did, then I opened it up and that was that.
I have gone months without painting, and then when I start up again, it's like an urgency and I have to paint on whatever is handy.

So does it snow in the northern northern part of NZ? I have a bet going.

oh melvin-I'm so happy you love it since you have to look at it. i really wanted to flowers/wheat to look more haevy with snow, but I need to do something else with that.

I hope I can go on. My trouble is I always flit from one style to another, but you said I shouldn't care, so I won't. hey maybe that's my ching-stagnation. Mmmmm.

David said...

Snow in Northland, you mean? (Aren't we real inventive with names?)

Unequivocal hell no. Don't know if that wins your bet or not, but that's the way it is.

Top of NZ is subtropic; bottom is subantarctic. I've lived in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson (boarding school), Christchurch, Wellington for a year, Dunedin, then Wellington again, where I've stayed a while - right in the middle.

It's a capital city of a developed western country, with all the attendant facilities (art galleries, decent library, bookshops, record shops, etc) and 400,000 people. I don't drive. I walk everywhere or occasionally catch a bus.

There's a wicked harbour, of which Russell Coutts said 'If you can sail a p-class on Wellington harbour, you can sail anything anywhere.' (I want to get back into sailing - was a sea scout as a lad, then got back into it for a while a couple of years ago until my mate and his partner started having babies (all cos of a weekend away they won at the after race kangaroo court and raffle at the bloody yacht club.)

There's town belts (land set aside by the early sttlers as public reserves - we live right next to one where we walk our border collie and where I took the dawn photos that're on my blog) and heaps of great walks in Wellington's immediate and surrounding area, specially the south coast and in the Rimutaka hills (though people die there on a depressingly regular basis when they go too far into the bush ill-prepared for our extremely changeable weather).

There's the Kapiti Coast just up the road. (Pukerua Bay's got a wicked second hand bookshop, not to mention the beach and hills along the road north looking out at Kapiti and numerous other good spots.) There's the Wairarapa just over the hill, which is a top notch wine region. There's the Marlborough Sounds (which Cook kept coming back to and which is yet another bloody good wine region) a boat ride away.

Good plug?

Gothamimage said...

Very good - It's been a while since I've been to Bear Mt.

I clarfied my previous comment on your last post. Since I was unclear, I think you misunderstood my critique - It was an observation on the underlying worldview, expressed in your artwork, not the technique you use to express the worldview. In fact, I think your technique clearly and coherently expresses what you see, a world that is not coherent, a cracked vessel. It's the spirit of the times, you're just living in and painting in it. Too bad I cannot paint or do anything like that.

You might have a laugh at my recent post about Bush and Hitch.

Gothamimage said...

What is your relationship, feeling-wise, with nature, the wilderness, vis-a-vis, the suburbs or the City?

Gothamimage said...

Scrolling up, I notice Melvin's comment, and I was going to say something similar, but strange self-consciousnes called my bluff.

David said...

"what ever kick you're on, keep going in that direction" - yet more words to live by.

acumamakiki said...

I love these. I love Bear Mountain and can't wait until we can get there again.

We've got at least 6" snow on the ground here today.

paintergirl said...

I'm starting from the bottom up today because that is the mood I'm in...

Acu-Thanks for the compliment! There is a lodge over in the Bear mtn park-I want to live there. Even if it is a little bit like The Shining, I still adore it. They also have ice skating too.
Oh I had to tunnel our way out-we got about 9 inches.

David-oh melvin is just full of witty words to live by.

gotham-Do you mean do I have a preferance to wilderness or the city? Or do I try to make nature fit into my suburbia life?
I'm full of different emotions whether it's city life, which is different than suburbia life, which is completely different than living in the woods.
I didn't mean for you to think I misunderstood you in my last post. I feel I always do that and I'm sorry.
But you write and I'm not so hot at that. It's hard for me to write down clearly what I mean. I'm jealous of writers.

David-I've always heard that NZ has the cleanest air in the world. Is it true? The snow thing-no melvin wins. I think. You and Rose should work on a campaign for "Visit New Zealand!"
I'm afraid though that once people visited they wouldn't want to leave. And I don't think you want that.

David said...

You mean a campaign like this?

Our clean, green image is a bit of a have, I'm afraid. Modern farming practices and all that. Wellington's got real clean air cos all the pollution we generate gets blown straight towards Chile. If I left my washing on the line overnight in Christchurch, it'd have smog spots on it in the morning (geography is bowl-like, so keeps it all in, kind of like LA I'm told - this is what you get from building a city on a tapu swamp; horrible place, I'd never live in Chch again).

Still, I believe we're a lot better off than most. And you're right, there's far too many rich Yanks buying up our country and trying to lord it around as it is.

People like your good self are more than welcome however.

Sorry about your bet. Better luck next time.

David said...

PS I'm looking forward to seeing the next thing.

No pressure but.

paintergirl said...

I'm stuck I'm stuck. Too many pressures-not enough money, the days are dark and short....and very cold.

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