30 November 2005

Father Christmas give us some money...

town study
Originally uploaded by paintergirl1.
I know someone is going to say this looks like Greece. This is my little german town, and I was doing a split plane sort of thing.


David said...

Very nice. Bollocks to it being a study. Looks finished to me.

My two favourites on your flickr thing are this one and this one.

paintergirl said...

You are just the link man aren't you? I like the new pic of you too. Is this sitting in pub? Very nice.
I don't hink I'm touching the painting-I'll just move on. And one of the pics you chose is based on a photo ose sent me. I love those photos from Timor!

David said...

Yeah man, put it aside and on to the next one - that's the advice my friend Matt's always giving me.

A lot of the Skeleton Guy pics are rips offs of Max Beckmann self-portraits, including this one, which is Stephen's, who used it to describe me as a Maltese mafioso (that's where the weird surname comes from.

That's real funny about the Timor photo. She had a whole lot we lost, especially of independence graffiti (full on).

Lilly said...

I love it, Paintergirl. I really do :-) I often like 'simplicity' in paintings.

itsmelvin said...

i think all of painter girl's pictures look complete, even the ones she's abandoned :-( she also paints on interesting paper and objects (found or repurposed), so the fragility of some of the pieces only adds to the overall effect of something otherworldy but familiar. there are a lot of subtle details that can't be seen in the posted art.

but what do i know?!

David said...

My problem is letting go. I tend to overwork stuff, which is why Matt's always on at me.

That's what I liked about doing the SGs. Stripped back and bare, and quick. Trying to work on that, but build it up a bit more - hit a happy balance.

A friend of mine reckoned a group show of paintings artists had abandoned would go off.

Gothamimage said...

Paintergirl - this is your most revealing piece - It doesn't bring Greece to mind though.

There is a disintegrative quality to your work - seeing the world as fractious and incoherent.

Gothamimage said...

Maybe that's not right. Maybe

joseluis said...

very nice.

David said...

Isn't it just? I particularly like the wonderfully integrated composition.

paintergirl said...

David-Beckmann is super. He does a great cruxifiction painting. That is most loved in our household.
Overworking-it is hard to know when to stop. Sometimes you think, oh I should do this...I'm not a huge fan of Picasso, but something he said has stuck with me. "Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love in your painting..."
Now I remember that quote but that advice is crap. Maybe I stop too early. Or abandon them like itsmelvin says.
I think being married to a comic book guy has had a huge influence on me with my split planes. Thank you too!

Thanks Lilly. I never try to overcomplicate paintings. No matter what the subject is.

itsmelvin-I think I will call you melvin instead of your birth name. It's such a funny weirdo comic guy name. Maybe you should be Melvin Otis.
I do too many things and loose sight of them. If I'm not happy with the way I've drawn I completely lose interest. Like the baking. I need the drive.
You are very sweet to say nice things about my stuff.

fractious and incoherent-interesting description. The painting is more like my mind than what is factual. As hard as I try I cannot paint realistically. I try and this is what happens.

joseluis-hi there and thank you so much (and for stopping by) Your portraits are amazing.

joseluis said...

thank you for your concepts but l am very critic with my work. i love beckman too. l think in general overworking is bad.

Gothamimage said...

I wasn't clear - fractious and accuracy are not mutually exclusive. Your artistic vision sees clearly and coherently, but it sees the world as incoherent - Not you as incoherent. Your vision is your vision. See what I mean - Actually, it's funny, because your saw my sentance in a disintegrative way.

I meant in no way to describe your technique.

paintergirl said...

gotham-I didn't really take it that way, I just kind of drifted in that direction.

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