13 December 2005

I can hear people singing...

2 things

1-I now have a new favorite ice cream-Peppermint. It must be seasonal. It really made me very happy this cold afternoon. Yes, yes it's 10 degrees outside and I'm eating ice cream. Say it, insane.

2-I have received a guilty gift. Have you ever been given a gift by someone, a peace offering of sorts and the guilty party never really acknowledges their wrong doing.

I will forgive this person but I will not expect too much. I'm just very happy I now have a new book to walk around with and flip through. It's "A Man Without A Country", the new Vonnegart book. Nicely done too.

Ok so now it's 3 things-We have just re-watched all of The Office. Why does this show make me so happy? And why have I mentioned happy in this blog about 10 times?

happy about some
dissatisfied with most
angry about a few

There you have it. Peppermint ice cream, Vonnegart, The Office, and oh wait-melvin bought me the only magazine with Viggo on the cover. I do have a lot to be happy about. Tomorrow I may dwell on what I am angry about, but let's just be thankful to have pink ice cream.


acumamakiki said...

peppermint was my favorite when i was a kid. i also make delicious peppermint bark, usually for holiday gifts. this year it will just have to be valentines. (=

i love viggo. he was once married to a punk hero of mine, exene cervenka.

i've always been fond of the colors you chose for that painting.

paintergirl said...

oh my gosh-YOU make peppermint bark?! I love that stuff-you'll have to give me your recipe!

Oh Viggo-if he only knew..

You know I picked those colors because I like them too. Then I realized matisse used them and even the composition is similiar. Oh well-I still like the pink xmas tree.

David said...

Jealousy-inducing time:

I have a hand-written letter from Viggo cos I was an extra in a scene he was in in the second Lord of the Rings flick.

paintergirl said...

Ok David-what scene were you in?

How was it like having all the filming going on?

And how about Peter Jackson? I wouldn't recognize him with all the weight he has lost. Good for him. we were just talking about how we have followed his career from long ago with-"Meet the Feebles". That song still runs around in my head.

And again Viggo...

David said...

I was an elf in the battle of Helm's Deep in the second one, but I'm just a blur. Viggo yells 'charge' and we run down the hill at some orcs.

You can actually spot my bro in the first one if you know where to look (he's a guard to the left of the screen at the bottom of the stairs when Cate Blanchett and hubby meet the main characters - if that makes any sense).

Filming was full on. I only did one night. Lots of waiting around, and we couldn't bend at the waist cos of the ridiculously detailed costume, so no sitting down.

'Meet the Feebles' is a brilliant film. Have you seen his first - 'Bad Taste'? I used to work at the paper where he'd worked, and would see some of the main characters from that wandering around (cos they were workmates he'd roped in).

Wgtn's gone a bit nuts over the local lad made good, and I find the cult of St Peter a bit much.

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