13 December 2005

better throw her in the water...

If I don't work fast on a painting, then it's lost. This didn't come out exactly the way I intended, but it conveys my mood. I hate the flash ricocheting off the wet paint . And don't lay into me about the Matisse palette. I like it, and it's done!


Milton Falcon said...

I like your pictures, my blog is http://www.milton-falcon.blogspot.com

itsmelvin said...

WOW great colors to see during these grey winter days. I like the wet look too. Wonder how would this look as an oil painting?

You're work really seems inspired. Take advantage of your muse.

paintergirl said...

melvin-my muse is gone now. She just walked out the door, and invited her grumpy worryful friend inside. I'm so glad I had a chance to paint this when I felt good. Today, as I knew would happen has been a bit rough going.

joseluis said...

I hate the flash ricocheting off the wet paint .
what do you mean?

paintergirl said...

The flash on my camera-I usually try to take photos outside in the sunlight, but this was in my studio and well the flash went off.

RitaPita said...

pg, (fellow jon stewart lover)

i love it, love it. red and turquise are two of my all time favorite color combos.

in fact, i adore all your art you have been posting. missed your blog something fierce.

David said...

On fire all right. Everything balances nicely. Rocking.

As AR put it, 'Grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might-have-been.'

Very sorry to hear it was all too fleeting, but it'll be back. No worries.

Kia kaha,

- D.

paintergirl said...

rita-I miss you and Jon Stewart.
Long story, thanks dubbya.

david-ah my eno song. Been listening to Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. Bad

David said...

There's so many to choose from, but I reckon my favourite Eno song'd have to be 'Kurt's rejoinder', just cos of Kurt Schwitter's Dada vocals.

Gothamimage said...

Well done. As usual.

Vajana said...

ooh I like the colors on this, beautiful, as usual.

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