19 December 2005

And we're living in a world of quicksand...

2 things to be amazed at and want to scream about

This show I saw over the weekend of Egon Schiele. Mind blowing! I kept looking around at everyone wondering why they weren't exclaiming out loud how great these paintings and drawings were. I must have looked like a crazy person muttering to myself.

As I was leaving, I was walking down the long spiral staircase in the museum and who should be passing me and going up? Yoko Ono. My mouth opened but nothing came out, I was shocked.


RitaPita said...


oh my god.

I am a celebrity whore, so any sightings get me going, but Yoko Ono? Very cool.

David said...

[Long period of continuous swearing edited out.] Jesus hell, P. You get all the good shows. Were there lots of drawings? Is there a good catalogue?

I've got the catalogues for the Beckmann and Guston shows you guys had recently. Would've loved to've seen those as well. [Another long period of swearing edited out.]

And then there's Yoko.

Rose said...

I guess that's what we get over here for living in cultural Hicksville. How utterly wonderful that must have been. Egon-flipping-Schiele. I could pass up bumping into Yoko Ono (although that would have been pretty neat), but seeing those drawings in the flesh. Wow. Oh wow. I need to travel.

Lilly said...

Sweet Painter Girl -- cool that you had such wonderful experience and enjoyed the exhibition :-)

On a more digressing note: may I link your site to mine? :-) Pretty please....?

David said...

Man I love those self-portraits. The one you picked's a real stunner. Now I wish I'd brought my Schiele books with me (sigh - I've only got two fairly crappy ones, but they'd be better than nowt).

Gothamimage said...

PG, out and about, making the scene - That is an intereresting story - You have a perceptive eye -Since we can't paint, we tried to paint a picture with a comic skit -Stop by and check it out - Hitchens and McClellan.

paintergirl said...

Rita-I never ever see anyone, but suddenly there was yoko and I could have reached out and touched her.

david-It was the BEST show I have seen in a long time. the story is, melvin wants to see it too, but he said he would watch the little man abd take him over to Central Park. Very very dear of him. He kept saying "I can't believe you saw this and not me" it's up until feb, I just don't always get a chance. Oh the beckman show-I'm still in trouble for missing that one.

Rose-this is one of the main reasons why we moved up here. We were living in the south and talk about cultural hicksville. We had hicks and and was devoid of good art. Not a fan of Yoko music, but it was the closest i'll get to seeing a beatle.

of course you crazy girl-you don't have to ask. if I ever figure it out myself. I just need to sit down and do it.

david-those self portraits are the top notch. his elongated fingers kill me. I'm so amazed by them. He had a few landscapes as well and I adored them too.

hey gotham-"pg out and about"-it's rare. we walked 40 blocks. can you believe that. I was physically and mentally drained. I'll stop by later today.

Lilly said...

Took me a while and all to work it out too [and I used to be so good with html-codes -- now I can hardly remember a single one!] -- you should be linked now, dear [or should I say 'Hulk' -- no better not; might get you angry! ;-P ]

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