23 December 2005

Jingle bells, batman smells...

And another thing...

My town has to have the most unfriendliest, most unhelpful people on this earth. If the town were to be taken over by vampires, I would drive a stake through everyone's hearts. If the planet were to blow up, I would not tell everyone how to hitch a ride, nor would I tell them to take a towel with them. Bah I say.

It's the holidays right? Tends to bring out the worst behavior in people. No one holds the door open for me while I'm pushing a stroller. I'm dropping boxes in the road. No help. Disgusted. Every man for himself. I was buying wine, and this woman kept getting in front of me, on purpose. I was going to buy all the good wine you know.

Driving is even worse. People are cutting each other off, maybe they have started drinking early. Maybe that's not a bad idea, but I think I'll just stay home.


David said...

Sounds just like our town. Good old season of good will eh?

Lilly said...

Oooow, poor you -- I would most certainly have picked up your boxes and held the door for you :-) I just cannot walk past people like that -- what the hell is wrong with people? I believe it was David who once wrote on his block that the majority of the people in this world are arseholes [something along those lines anyway] -- I agreed straight away. And I still do.

Sounds like all of DENMARK!! Full of rude people who will not even say hello back, nod or give you a wee smile when you greet them in the street -- no thank you when you hold the door for them, no idea what the hell a queue* is, etc......sigh....

* I am always amazed at this word. How come the letter Q on its own is pronounced the same way as queue? I just don't get it like!

Lilly said...

"Batman smells" ---> LOL LOL :-)
You really are upset you did not get to be Batman in that quiz, eh? :-)

acumamakiki said...

Not holding the door open for someone with a stroller is just bad karma!

Maybe miss wine bitch wanted you to stick the bottle up her bum-bum and that's why she was cutting in front of you.

Probably time for me to stay out of the mulled wine.....

Merry Christmas PG!!


David said...

Hope you had a good one, that the stress is all over, and it is time to kick back and relax. Here's to the new year.

Oh, and Lilly, I heard an amusing story of a Greek guy trying to get his head round English spelling and pronunciation. He knew the word 'through' (i.e. pronounced 'threw'), but was amazed and more than a little dismayed to discover that 'tough' was 'tuff' and 'bough' was 'bow'. The list goes on.

Lilly said...

Hahaha :-) That is SO true, David. I know exactly how the poor Greek must have felt! It can be frustrating at times but that is also what makes learning/practising another language a lot of fun -- Alan in particular gets plenty of laughs everytime he asks me to pronounce a given name of a town/city/place in Scotland. And of course, I laugh [laff] just as much when he pronounces them correctly afterwards!

For instance:

laurenbove said...

Poor girl. I had similar non holiday friendly experiences. What is it about xmas that brings out people's inner ahole?

I'd have helped you!


Lilly said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, sweet Painter Girl -- hope 2006 will be full of joy, laughter and lots of other good stuff. You deserve that :-)

paintergirl said...

I have been so terrible with my blog. Christmas is never easy. It was quiet here, and although I don't like my huge family gatherings, I miss them too. It's hard to strike a between point.

Lilly-I do have this batman thing going on, and it's because of the quiz. You are so funny to have posted that. I hope you have a wonderful near year's too!!

acu-Thanks sister! I was really really down on Peekskill and ready to move a few days ago. Honest. And the rude people did not help. I'm willing to stay longer, but i have to see this city give something back.
More about this on another post.
Hope you have a super duper new year. Did you guys go sown to time square?

David-Christmas stress is horrible. All these expectations. It's never the same after you grow up. It's great having kids and reliving it somewhat, but it's never the same.

hey lb-Thanks to you too sister! I think I have always held the door open, even for people capable. I'm just a polite person. I tend to scowl a lot and mutter. The holidays make me hate people so much. Hope you guys have a great new year!!

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