22 November 2005

In view of the Hudson, just over the drive...

I'm sort of back. I have exhausted all my wit with eBay. We have accumulated too many things and I'm selling it. Don't worry, I'm not joining some cult, we really have too much crap and it's a good way to make a little extra cash. So I write all of these in depth descriptions about all of these items we no longer want, but I have to convince someone else they need it. It can be tiring.

So in light of everything...

I have a very short quiz, and you should post your answers here. I'm not demanding it, it's just fun.

1-What is your favorite cookie?

2-What is your favorite holiday record?

3-If you could be a comic book character, who would you be?

Mine is chocolate chip, Arthur Lyman's Mele Kalikimaka, and Storm


Rose said...

Hmmm - white chocolate and macadamia; can't even think of a holiday record! (maybe that's a cultural thing and we just never really had them over here); ths is hard - I've never been a comic book reader... um... minnie mouse (sadly). I had a boyfriend once who said I reminded him of her. she is kinda cute in her own mousie way.

acumamakiki said...

1. chocolate chip, also thin mint.
2. I don't have one to be honest....although I do like that old Waitresses song, Merry Christmas. Do you know it?
3. Laura Croft aka action tits!!

paintergirl said...

Rose-white chocolate and macadamia, yum! Minnie mouse is one of the cuter ones. I'm getting into graphic novels and thought I would just throw that question out there.

acu-oh yeah-thin mints, I LOVE those too. I guess I'm just a cookie girl. I'll have to look up that song. I bet I would remember it if I heard it. I also really like The Kinks-Merry Christmas, Give Us Some Money" It's just so mean. The Arthur Lymun is very festive in a polynesian sort of way and reminds me of my dad. It's pretty kooky.
Laura Croft-action titis-very funny-she is a toughie, and pretty cool. Good choice.

David said...

1 Gingernut biscuits (we don't call them cookies here, that's what we call the descendents of the pigs Captain Cook left here).

2 Do you mean records recorded specially for Xmas? Like Rose, I can't even think of one - though if I could make up a dream one it'd be a compilation of underground rock and roll bands doing it straight - kind of like that Flying Nun tribute to Abba (actually there probably is such a thing). Like the sound of the Kinks one.

3 Twenty years ago it'd've been Nemesis the Warlock from 2000AD (classic British comic that's sadly apparently now a shadow of its former self). Nowadays it has to be the dripping head guy in the comics by Sam Killeen, son of Richard .

David said...

Damnit, comma splice in the first parens, and the link should've extended to the word 'Abba'.

This is what you get at half twelve at night.

echrai said...

1. seven layer cookies
2. Manheim Steamrollers
3. I'd be the phantom foofer - bringing justice in the dark of night by way of blowing air onto people's tummies. And don't tell me that can't be a superhero! It can too! It's just a silly one.

laurenbove said...

oooh White chocolate macadamia yeah baby!

I like that there Harry Connick Jr. xmas cd and

Me no likey comic book characters so...can I be Lucy from Peanuts?

paintergirl said...

David-Gingernut cookies, sounds very good. There are cake people, and there are pie people, I think I'm a cookie person. Or biscuit person.
Descendents of pigs left from Captain Cook?! At first I missed the pig part, and I thought you meant children he left behind.
Flying Nun sounds right up my alley. Tribute bands are always good for a listen. There is a Roxy tribute band playing in the city.
Dripping head guy...I went looking, where is it david?
Is it in recent paintings? I have to see this.

ok-my baking friend-what is seven layer cookies? These sound fantastic, and now since I have admitted to the world my fondness for cookies, I might as well try them all.
Manheim Steamrollers-are they instrumental? I think I know who you are talking about. Very nice.
Phatom foofer-I wish you could be phantom foofer. You get an A+ for going outside the box echrai!

O'Grady said...

1) Butter.

2) Fugazi?

3) Yang

O'Grady said...

Flying Nun sounds right up my alley.

paintergirl said...

LB-Hey I must have missed you. So sorry! White macamedamia does sound delicios doesn't it?
I have always liked Harry. I have a sort of soft spot for him.

That's ok about comic books. I never got interested in comics or cartoons realy until i got married. Lucy is a good pick!

Butter cookies are great. Nice a simple but a fine flavor.
Does Fugazi do a song? We're in the process of making our own compilation.
Yang? I have to look that one up.

Lilly said...

1) I love oat biscuits; preferably with some chocolate and hazelnut chunks in them too.
2) Something by The Kinks or Sonic Youth. Both acutally [but maybe that's not allowed?]
3) A Green Lantern. Not necessarily Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, or any of the other known GLs. But just a GL would suffice [I have the ring, though it's not working for me. Either the power of my mind isn't working properly, or it's because the ring came with a Guy Gardner toy figure....]

David said...

Yeah man, that was right at the start of the systemic transplantation of plants and animals to suitable colonial climates that's had such full on consequences. Joseph Banks, the scientist and rake who was on the Endeavour voyage and later president of the Royal Society, was instrumental in introducing merino sheep to Aussie and NZ and taking breadfruit and coconuts to the Caribbean to feed the slaves (which was what Bligh was up to before Fletcher Christian Fletcher intervened).

Definitely check out Flying Nun, especially the classic stuff from the late 70s to mid-80s. You might like the Xpressway compilations if you can find them. And the CDs Arc Cafe in Dunedin's put out. No links this time. You'll have to Google it yourself.

The dripping head guy's not online. It's Richard Killeen's son's stuff. I can send you something if you'd like.

Lilly said...

Check this out! Looks as if I am a Green Lantern afterall! ;-)

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