18 August 2005

What's new pussycat...

In this post I will
1-Talk about how great my husband is
2-Make everyone jealous

So my very sweet, but crazy husband knows I get these stupid crushes on celebrities. They are very silly and I guess it's part of my brain that has not developed since adolescence. I've been this way for a long time, and well I don't see it changing.

I'm never some weirdo stalker. I've never written a fan letter. There was an incident of sending a painting, but we won't talk about that. The closest I've come to being really obsessed was I once belonged to a Robert Carlyle fan list.

Now-when my husband approves of the actor/musician he will very kindly buy something for me related to him. It has come in the form of press kits, posters, movies, cds.
I have a very nice press kit of The Flaming Lips and also one of "Twin Towns". A strange Welsh movie with Rhys Ifans. In doing this, he partly embarrasses me, and I realize the star crush has gone on too long, so I cease and desist.

Now the other evening he came home, he asked me, "If I could get anyone's autograph, who would you like?" Ok-for one thing, I'd be happy with Tom Jones(?!) considering my only other autograph I have is Kevin Sorbo. (Don't ask)

So he whipped out this autograph and made me guess who it was. I'm bad at guessing so he told me. Clive friggin Owen!!! Yep, my husband saw Clive Owen in a very small shop in the city. My hubby said once he heard the man's voice, he knew right away.

I'm still in awe. Clive Owen. The man was robbed from being James Bond!! Go rent "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" tonight and have some Clive dreams.

This is my husband's account of the scene.



T said...

;-) He's so cool: Your hubby I mean..!

T said...

...You should be able to see Boston / Phoenix piccies on FLickr now...

acumamakiki said...

What a great man he is. He really loves you, to ask a celeb for an autograph takes guts in the city. Everyone tries to be so cool when they see celebs around, so I'm most impressed that he asked for you.

Rose said...

Well we do have some things in common! I get like that too, knowing how juvenile it is, but still... And it's nothing like a crush on a "real" person. It's a silly adoration. If you bumped into them on the street, like, you'd never know what the hell to say! Your husband's a sweetie.

paintergirl said...

T-he is pretty cool, even though he is insane at times.

acumamakiki-He is great too. He once saw jim jarmusch down in the village and well, you do have to work your nerve up and all. I would probably not be able to speak.

Rose-it is very juvenile, but still... Exactly.

Here is my husband's tale of what went down.

laurenbove said...

Shi...ooooot! Clive, baby. You're a lucky gal. Nice job to hubby on his new blog. How brave of him to go pink. ;)

Cheers chica.

marybishop said...

You've got a keeper my dear...any man who'd do that for his wife is a sweetheart!

Lucky you!

paintergirl said...

LB-I know...Clive...!
And isn't the pink nice. I'm proud of him too. We both have some tidying up to do on our blogs. So much to do.

MB-I guess I'll keep him. he's so sweet at times, then other moments when he makes me want to pull my hair out. He can probably say that about me too though.

Oh and I just realized Kevin Sorbo is not the only other autograph I have. I have Boss Hogg and for my birthday(when hubby and I first started dated) he bought me the "Maus Series" and somehow got Art Speigelman to sign it and draw in it?!! And that is really a HUGE prized possesion.

marybishop said...

And all I ever got was Tiger Woods...my one an only autograph...

KRT said...

Hi Painter Girl.

Does your husband have a blog for his hobbies?


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defiant goddess said...

Aww. That *is* sweet!

Now, if someone would just give me an autograph of Keanu Reeves's phone number ...

paintergirl said...

MB-Tiger Woods? Did you go to a golf tournement? You seem more of a boating kind of gal.:-)

Hey krt-my hubby...I don't know what he's doing with his blog.

Goddess-you crack me up!! His phone number...

Vajana said...

Jealous!! And the only autograph I have is of the guitar player from Hootie and the Blowfish so consider yourself lucky girl.

paintergirl said...

ok vajana-when did you get that autograph? I will admitt that I liked Hootie too. I was really into bass players myself. I think he reminded me of John Cleese. Now I go for the Micheal Palin types.

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