22 July 2005

She's tidying up, and I can't find anything...

A week has gone by and I have survived. Let me tell you though, I am not without scars.
1-The prunes I got her, not the right kind.
2-She insists that we use paper plates for everything. EVERYTHING! I hate paper plates. It's wasteful and it is belittling to the food (a sandwich can be special too). I think they are appropriate for eating outdoors, but I guess I'm a snob that way.
3-She's always been a cake person, so I bought some cake mix. No-suddenly she likes pie.
4-I know she thinks I'm a bad mom.
5-I don't know exactly how she does it, but she zaps all creativity out of me. It's her overbearing practicality of things. I love her but jeesh!

It's been that way my whole life. My dad was the renaissance man and my mom, miss practical. She should have won some award. My hubby reminds me of my dad in that way. Both enjoy all the arts, good eating, and well life. My mom is always waiting in the wing for something good, but usually, bad event to happen.

And she has been asking me about some old photos of herself. And yes I do have them, and I'll give them back to her since she wants them. She told me she's been to some funerals and they place photos out of the deceased-a timeline if you will of a person through their life. This woman is going to live to be 100.


laurenbove said...

same as it ever waz, same as it ever waz...same as it ...ever...waz.

defiant goddess said...

Treasure every moment. You'll look back at this visit with great fondness. :)

acumamakiki said...

You know what scares me? We, as parents, will push all of our kids buttons in the same way that they push ours now.

I always worry that my dad thinks I'm a crap mom ~ like he can see what's REALLY going on.

At least now you have the weekend to recooperate!

acumamakiki said...

Forgot to mention that I love the Thomas Dolby reference.....She blinded me with SCIENCE!!!!!

paintergirl said...

Oh-I forgot to mention she's here for another week and we're driving her tomorrow to see her 93 year old sister in Berwick, P-E-N-N-S-Y-L-V-A-N-I-A!

mlwhitt said...

No offense to anyone in PA, but I heard there isn't ANYTHING there worth seeing. Is that true?

Jeffs place said...

Steady now girl. I keep thinking of scenes with Toonces the driving cat from SNL

paintergirl said...

I'm feeling numb to it all now. I am living a Pink Floyd song. Our trip to PA was pretty along the way, but seeing my aunt and cousin made me sad. And seeing my mom get upset over how her sister looks, is depressing too.

Vajana said...

well she is 93. don't get too depressed now it's suffocating.

and you know you are a great mom. So does your bambino.

marybishop said...

You will make it through the visit and we're all here rooting for you...Even Buddha isn't mad you put him away....

laurenbove said...

Uh, Mifflinberg is pretty exciting! (Just Kidding)

I used to have to vacation there in the summer for about a week for ten years. Downtown Lewisburg had some interesting architecture and some frozen in time stores and a few pretty good bars and restaurants.

that's just about it.

paintergirl said...

LB-is mifflinburg near mechanicsburg? PA has some hard to spell cities?

Goddess-I'm so glad you dropped by!I know. I really do love my mom. And as much as she doesn't realize this, we are two very different people.

acumamakiki-I hope i don't do the same things. I'm sure I do though. I try not to say all the time-"Don't do that" That is something I ALWAYS heard growing up, and it is really a huge mental block for me.

mlwhitt-thanks for stopping by. PA is really pretty. Not as pretty though as the Hudson River Valley!:)

Jeff-I forgot about Toonces! No I'm not that bad. I swallow all of my anger. I caused my mom grief when I was younger. I would never get mad at her now.

Vajana-I know, my aunt looks good though for 93. It's just she moved from a house into an apt, That's sad. Then my cousin is stuck in a bad marriage. And the whole town, is repressed.

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