28 July 2005

Danger danger-high voltage!

Have you ever tried watching a drugged out, profanity and sex filled movie like "Another Day in Paradise" quietly while your mom sleeps in the other room? My husband and I feel like we are teenagers.
She spied my hubby's tattoo and questioned me. Only after I was putting a rhinestone star on my back.(More on this later) I'm convinced she thinks I have a tat somewhere.
We get weird looks when we drink beer. At least she doesn't see me doing any shots of whisky. That would not go over very well.
As for PA-the whole state is in a time warp. Some cities are stuck in the 1950's and others are blatantly in the 1880's!


acumamakiki said...

Do you have a tattoo too?

paintergirl said...

No tattoos for me. I want one, but my Southern Baptist upbringing haunts me.
If I could have a tattoo...um...I'd probably have something very girly like an orchid, on my shoulder.
Do you have one?

RitaPita said...

out of curiosity.. what is your hubbys tattoo of? jay has several..the first time he met my grandparents he went through and explained them

"this is a deman fairy like girl.. her is another one.. she is naked.. this one is.. "

and while i died of emberassment, my (roman catholic) grandparents loved him.

i have two.

i love one and hate the other.

paintergirl said...

The one my mom saw on his arm is a chinese bat. A good luck sort of thing. The other one is on his hip and, it's hard to describe. And he told me he wants to get another one soon.
What are yours of Rita?

RitaPita said...

pardon me for saying so.. but on his hip? sounds... sexy.

I have a wiked cool sun on my right shoulder.. I have always liked her because she looks either pretty of fierce depending on your view of things..

i also have a floral armband on my left arm. i hate it. it was my first and it is very.. plain.. and doesn't fit my personality at all.

paintergirl said...

My husband is going to love that you said that! Oh it is very sexy!
Your sun tat sounds cool.

acumamakiki said...

I have 5 tattoos 2 big, 3 small. The first big one is a dragon's head on/near my right hip. Born in the year of the Dragon, got in the year, etc. I like this one. The 2nd big one, is a Celtic tree of life design. Don't like this one. My butt got big when I was pregnant and it looks smeared now that the skin went back somewhat to normal. I'd like to get that one reworked - it's on the back of my right hip so it's balance.

The 3 small ones are my summer fashion accessories as they are inside, my ankles. On the left I have a yellow rose of Texas, used to be fascinated with Texas paraphenila. I have a blue star and a purple Chinese character that means tranquility on the right ankle.

I'm planning to get some hot pink stars on the left ankle, near the rose this Fall. My good friend is also going to get some pink stars so it will be friendship tats, sort of.

Closet Metro said...

I drank more beer with my (former) mother-in-law than I do with most of my buddies. And I drink whiskey with my dad's friends. I guess I have it pretty damn good.

paintergirl said...

mu hubby wants to get a star tat too

Metro-hey it's great to have you stop by. You are a lucky sort to be able to be yourself around the elders. I will never be so fortunate.

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