15 July 2005

Mother do you think she's good enough...

My mom is flying in from Florida tomorrow.

I'm getting a stomach ache as I'm writing this.

What are all the possible things she will find at my house to worry about?

I have a checklist of things to do before she comes.

1-Hide the Buddha statue.
2-Put any offensive magazines away. I don't really think there are any around come to think of it.
3-Mow the yards.
4-Find her "things" When I say things I mean her soap that she uses, toothpaste, hair shampoo. She doesn't like ours so she leaves these items with us. I don't have a problem with this, but I haven't seen this bag since we did our insane ongoing move last year. Atlanta-Orlando-Norwalk-Peekskill. This bag could be ANYWHERE!
5-Mop kitchen and bathroom.
6-Go grocery shopping for things she likes. Prunes, instant coffee, creamer and bran to make muffins. She's 76 and needs these things and I'm compassionate about it. Besides I love the bran muffins too.

This trip has been planned for months and months. She actually had the ticket from last year but all of the hurricanes stopped her.

Now she is coming and it's good. Really. I'm a sort of the fall guy for my family and sacrificing a few weeks of sanity, so my mom doesn't worry about my sister.
By the way-she had a biopsy of her tumor and it is benign. Hooray we all say! Now her and her husband are off to a revivalist healing camp for a week. No comment.

I'll come back with updates. I'm still planning on my rogue mission to deface the Owen poster. I will take pictures after the fact.


paintergirl said...

New info-I found the bag of "things". It was in the basemant. Little did I know that some hair products my mom uses melts plastic. Oh yes. A very small bottle of hair setting lotion leaked all over her curlers and ate a hole through the bag. Now I have to hand wash the curlers.

Vajana said...

Good news about your sister that is great! My husband and I have contemplated moving out of town, and then we think about 3 sets of parents coming to visit for like a week at a time and we immediately decide NOT to move!!! :) Good luck!

laurenbove said...

poor dear. your so sweet to go through all this to please mom...

I hope you guys are having fun!!

acumamakiki said...

I like your words ~ glad to have found you! I just read your post about zombies.....I think about them too. There is a creepy zombie old, coal bin in my basement that I can't wait to get closed shut. It's a dark and extends under the sun room except you can't see in there because it's so dark. There's a straw-like covering on the ground, although it looks like straw from the 1930's when the house was built. There's a board propped up closing it off, I can barely look at it during the day!

paintergirl said...

vajana-ya know it's not too bad. My mom is the first to visit us and we've been gone over a year. if we see our families once a year, that's plenty.

LB-ahhh...and nothing I do is right. i didn't get the right prunes and and well suddenly she doesn't like cake but pie. I can't win. But overall it's going fine. tahnks man!

hey acumamakiki-great to have you stop by. you're always welcome here.
thank heavens I don't have one of those cellar doors. We have a regular door on ours, but our neighbors...I have to stand on my tippy toes in the kitchen to see the old fashioned doors that you have. Freaks me out too. I'm glad I don't have to look at it.

sparklestone said...

Once we had a lot of my wife's family (over a dozen) come to stay for a week. I dreaded it for months. The only thing I was really looking forward to was blogging about the hell I would be going through. And then I had a fabulous time with them for the entire week.

Good week, bad blog.

marybishop said...

Hope you have a Sparky-like time with Mom...sometimes the stuff we fear or worry about the most becomes something good and solid and safe.

Hope your visit turns out that way.

Jeffs place said...

We used to go through the same kinds of hell for every family gathering. Our place is the largest for entertaining and kind of centralized so everyone congregates here. Pam and I used to fight and bitch at the kids about getting everything ready. We now just take it in stride and do a last minute pick up the morning before. Everyone knows us not for our home or our entertaining ablilities, but loves us cause we are family. It has removed a majority of the stress the more we can remember that. We passed this law in our house after witnessing our sister in law year after year turn my brother in law to her personal whipping boy at every event stressing everyone instead of just enjoying a 2 year olds birthday or so on. She becomes so anal about every little detail that it brings down every event she puts on.

paintergirl said...

Sparkle-the week has not been easy. So my blog may be interesting.

MB-oh if only my mom would just relax.

Jeff-my mom is the crazy one. I did insane prep work, but now I just want to relax. She is making me neurotic about dirty dishes. even though I don't know where they come from since we use paper plates. See new post.

defiant goddess said...

Glad to hear it was benign.

How kind of you to take such good care of your mommy. That's cool.

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