10 July 2005

it's the end, the end of the century...

I realize now I have a love/hate relationship with Owen Wilson.

Every time I see one of his films, I'm left unsure of my feelings toward this actor.
My husband will say I love him, but this is so far from the truth. Until now...

Owen is responsible for me almost wrecking my car.

I was driving down by Ye old Stop & Shop and right by the bus stop, there was Owen's big crooked nose mug staring at me. I swerved. Was that really Owen?

The first movie I remember seeing him in was "The Haunting". I thought, please dear heaven, never let this man have such close-ups on the big screen again. Then came all of Wes Anderson's movies. Then "Meet the Parents". I will admit I've always kind of liked Luke Wilson, his brother, but Owen?

And this has to sound so strange from a girl that has no accent what so ever (and I loathe southern accents), I love the Wilson brothers Texas accents. I cringe when I hear Dubbya, but man, I would eat a BBQ Buffalo with those two.

Now don't get me started on Vince Vaughn...


Vajana said...

oh no honey walk away. Owen is dee debbil. I like Luke, he's tolerable, and I lllluuuuvvvs me some VV but Owen needs to GO.

I'd rather watch flesh eating zombies any day.

paintergirl said...

I know, I know-he is the devil isn't he? I...just...can't...look...away.

paintergirl said...

ok-that's it! I see his face EVERY place I go now. It's terrible.

paintergirl said...

Alright-I saw Owen in an interview and I am not amused. The thrill is gone. I'm thinking of spray painting the poster at the bus stop.

paintergirl said...

They changed the poster. I must not be the only one in Peekskill that has a problem.

defiant goddess said...

I first got a good glimpse of Owen's nose is Zoolander. (Loved Zoolander!) But was greatly terrified of that nose - and like you, prayed for no more close-ups. Not on a screen that tall, that wide, that close to my face.

I give him props, though, for *not* having it fixed. In a land where people are quick to go under the knife for any perceived defect, I congratulate him for keeping it real. But does it have to be real big, real close?

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