05 July 2005

I walk with the zombies, part two

So here I am on the train with my toddler going to NYC to see my husband. And it happens. I have a zombie thought. Underneath some highways, I see what would be a perfect place to escape zombies. What is wrong with me?

And once again, I'm trying to see zombie flicks and overcome this fear. We rented "Versus", not knowing it had zombies in it. Now these undead did not bother me as much.

1-They were Japanese
2-No terrible moaning sounds
3-All had guns
4-Were not as bad as the BAD guys

I didn't like this movie because it lacked story content. We decided it was based on a video game for teenage boys.

Another, and I will say, wretched movie we watched, "Anatomy of Hell", and guess what, this was not about zombies. It made me wish I was a zombie by the time this movie was over. No comment really. Unless someone else has seen this and wishes to comment on it.


Sylow_P said...

Have you seen this video?

Zombie Arcade

Poor Chap...

paintergirl said...

Sylow-where did you find this? If someone did this to me, I would never forgive them.

Jeffs place said...

Well if they did pursue you, you could always say the magic word to deter them."Godzilllllllllaaaaa" Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a Japanese Zombie like that.

paintergirl said...

I like that jeff. Or how about Mos-a-ra?

Sylow_P said...

I just want a fancy flashlight that makes people instantly go to sleep.

That would be soo cool.

Jeffs place said...

The cops have one of those Sylow, It is called a 4 D cell Maglite, One thump with that and your out cold.

Weetzie said...

that video seriously gave me the creeps!

Vajana said...

okay, now you making up escape routes, that is very, very zombified.

How do you feel about Rob Zombie? Or is he a kinder, gentler zombie?

And damn girl you need to post more often. I so enjoy your wit.

paintergirl said...

Oh no-Rob Zombie is annoying. He kinda bugs me actually. He's kind of like Marilyn Manson. All I can say is-Why?

And thanks Vajana for the compliment. It's ever so nice to be appreciated!

paintergirl said...

no no no. I cannot handle those stupid Rob Zombie movie previews. Accckkk!

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