13 June 2005

I'm a king kong man, I'm a voodoo man, I'm an apeman

Dream from last night.
I was walking down a street in NYC with my husband and I saw MaryBishop with her pink glasses and a cane. And I thought to myself, "I knew I would run into her one of these days." She was carrying a small dog and muttering about how hot it was.
Then I popped into a deli to buy a loaf of bread, and I gave the cashier $30, expecting some change, but I received nothing back. Not even the bread. Someone handed me a note that said my husband would gladly go out on a bread run for me.


marybishop said...

I do have pink glasses! Did I ever mention this before or are you psychic?

NO cane, but I do love them...I asked for one for xmas and husband thought I was nuts...saw it in a catalogue, it had a pink glass faceted knob on a beautiful dark walnut wood.

If I ever need a cane, that's the one I want.

No small dog, but two huge monster dogs.

Muttering about the heat? That could be me...

How funny...I have dreamed of bloggers at least two or three times...we're out at a gathering and each person looks like their picture...that means Susie looked like Gumby ha ha.

Jeffs place said...

Dont our dreams turn out crazy sometimes? Are you sure it wasnt Elton John? MB always looks like Morgan Fairchild in my dreams.

Crazy Daze Tees said...

Great dream, PG. It makes absolutely no sense and that's what makes it a great dream. I love those kind!

marybishop said...

Thanks Jeff...and I shant dash your dreams!

paintergirl said...

I think I am psychic, but you did mention the glasses before. I think that was part of the whole pinko stinko comment.
You had a cane because,in my dream, you were a little old rich lady. You were very cute, and a bit eccentric. Dog in the purse. Very funny.

Jeff please don't suggest to me about dreaming of Elton, because now I will. I'd much rather dream of Bernie Taupin writing a lovely song for me. And wasn't Elton so much cooler when he was just Elton-not gay Elton.

Crazy days,you know,what is it about the "bread run?" We do beer runs, liquer runs, coffee runs, doughnut runs, but never a bread run.

marybishop said...

Next dream..keep the rich part but dump the old lady...ha ha

NO dog in purse...!

paintergirl said...

Ok-no dog in purse, what about a Great Dane with a diamond necklace. I could see that.

marybishop said...

Oh yeah...I can see me walking down second avenue in the city...walking my Great Dane,who is perfectly behaved, while I float down the street in my patchwork skirt, white flowing blouse and floppy straw hat.

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