09 June 2005

You should have seen us when we're at our best...

Today is the day, I have officially become a MOM! The day I gave birth to my son, I became a mother. Now that he is starting to talk, it's mommy or as he says very dramatically MAM MAAAA. But today is MOM day. The reason being, we went to the mall, and stopped by H&M (clothing store) and I passed up all the cute little outfits for moi and went straight to the children section and guess what I found, a winter coat for my son. Yep-no bikinis for me-it's a big honking snow coat for the man along with some very cute sweaters for him. The girls in gymboree will adore him. Oh and did I mention it's like 100 degrees here by the Hudson today. Such a MOM!


Vajana said...

yep-it's over. No more buying stuff for you. Today I went shopping and instead of hanging out in the clothing section of my favorite stores, we went right to the pet store and Limited Too and Build a Bear. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

marybishop said...

Build a bear is so much fun, isn't it vajana?

I learned what "it's better to give than receive" when my first child was born.

Before that I thought it was just rhetoric.

Crazy Daze Tees said...

May I say that the sacrafice is not only what makes you a mom, but it's what makes you a GOOD mom! With parenthood comes sacrafice. It's a fact. Ah, yet, so many of our young mothers and fathers these days just don't understand that or don't want to accept it or both. There's no way around it, though. Being a mommy/daddy means sacraficing. Period. After all, those are little humans in your charge and you and you alone are responsible for making them decent, compassionate and well-adjusted individuals.

Got on a roll there...sorry. :P

paintergirl said...

I have not done build a bear yet. I'm not sure if the little man would like it. He might. Now if there was build a car, we'd be in business.

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