15 June 2005

Holy bombs make holey holes

Holy wars make holy foes

Normally I try not to get into politics on my blog, but I have to say something. (I'm wearing my Che Guevara tee today. I'm a rebel dammit!)

Over the weekend, we took a train into the city and the first car was filled with army air corps soldiers. I'm fond of the army air, because my dad was a pilot in WW2 with the corps. The trip was nice as usual. Beautiful Hudson River, cliffs and mountains.
When we arrived at Grand Central it hit me. I had to swallow my tears. As I watched these young soldiers take out their picture phones and take snapshots of themselves and their buddies, some of these boys won't be coming back-ever. They were being shipped out. They'll never be able to bring their children to the greatest city in the world. It was a difficult moment.

Now, I just read in the Times, the government is lowering their standards for enlisting men and women. Those with a criminal record, they'll waive it. Just as long as there is warm body firing a gun, that's all they care about. And the recruiters going to high schools and forcing these impressionable kids to sign up, horrible, no it's deplorable. If parents get upset about unhealthy snacks being offered, how about not allowing the marines to come in and take your kid away.


Gothamimage said...
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paintergirl said...

I like to throw people off. perhaps this is why I don't have many friends. always keep them guessing. Socialist one day, A "daughter" the next. Which by the way-just received an email from DAR-"I KNOW you'll love being a "daughter". oh what am i getting myself into?!

RitaPita said...

ooooh.. I know! THEY GO INTO the high schools, where every five steps there is a sullen, sad kid who hates life (and who doesn't realize that is what high school is about) spin them a tale of wonder of adventure, of beauty and of money. And oh by the way, you might die... I mean, become a hero

yes, deplorable is right.

paintergirl said...

Exactly! I feel for these kids. And shame on Bush.

RitaPita said...

Lets not start shaming Bush for things. We may be here all day and night once we get started.

marybishop said...

Absolutely heartbreaking...the kids who enlist are lonely and unmotivated for the most part, like Rita said, looking for adventure - a place to belong. Maybe even something as simple as health insurance.

Wanting to be heroes for once in their lives...not realizing this is not "grown up Cub Scouts" and that they will carry guns and will be forced to kill or be killed -- and for what?

Iraq is the new Viet Nam. Bush will never admit his rush to war was for nothing...except maybe trying to make his Daddy proud.

And the bastards that took down the Twin Towers smile while resources, and our attention, are tied up in Iraq (How many soldiers killed to date?) and the terrorists can continue to plot and plan the next attack.

MoMMY said...

It makes me so sad.

paintergirl said...

It's an endless war-and why are we there? I feel bad for the soldiers. Why are people not shouting from the rooftops about how wrong this war is? It's because there is no draft and our society has become highly individualistic and self-absorbed. We don't need to leave our cocoons to go to the store. We can do everything at home and on the computer. We never have to face another human.
War is ugly and our government needs to witness it first hand.

laurenbove said...

You're right about the recruiters. I remember them and I remember getting a phone call at home and my parents being mortified. I was like: Hey, what's the big deal? Obviously I was young and not a parent yet. Now I understand.


Gothamimage said...

Do you think that Bush feels somewhat guilty about his own shabby Vietnam era way - supporting the war, but only supporting others less fortunate going?

Cheney received five deferments and Ashcroft received seven- if you really believe in something, you fight for it.

That's why I do not think they really believe . It's an abstraction and everyone knows that- his supporters know in their hearts that he is not what he pretends to be- and that is why they get so angry and defensive.

Regarding your comment about media-they knew about these lies all along- and they pretended not to notice because they are not at risk - but you can bet they will keep their kids away.

This is all very decadent.

Gothamimage said...
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paintergirl said...

You could be right about he supporters. that would explain the defensive mechanisms.

I don't think Bush has any regret or remorse.

Oh the Daughter-Daughters of the American Revolution. It has begun.

Gothamimage said...
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Weetzie said...

All I can say is...don't get me started, I can no longer speak coherently about any of this. I have 2 boys that could/would be draftable which is why I bought passports when Bush was re-elected, that and the fact that I thought I didn't want to live in a country with him as president for 4 more years. Still here tho b/c the reality is, I can't afford to move out of country (some of this financial stress can be directly attributed to Bush) but would be out in a flash-money or no money- if a draft was reinstated. I've been thru this once before when my brothers were eligible for the draft during Viet Nam. ENOUGH!

paintergirl said...

Amen weetzie-Why do you think we moved just a little bit closer to Canada ourselves? I've heard something strange is going on with passports in the fall, so I too better get my son his. He has about 15 years but i don't know if we will. What happens after Bush? Is it Condi? She is such a pushover and a bush clonette.

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