20 June 2005

"fillings, nothing more than fillings"

Things over here in the ole homestead are strange. Well I think it's just me. A very bad family situation has arose over the past week. My older, very healthy sister has a brain tumor. The doctors only found this out when she had a mass removed from her lower intestine.(Also a big surprise) Everyone is in shock. And I don't know who in my family knows exactly what is going on. No one is allowed to talk to my sister. No crying around her. Nothing.It's very F'd up.

And now for something completely different...

My husband and I just tagged team read a book together. It's been a long time since we've done this. I encourage everyone to read "Freakanomics". Super book. I'm usually not prone to reading economic books but this is different. The authors take statistics and breaks them down into facts. Go and put your name on the library list. It's worth it.

One topic discussed-"How Roe vs Wade actually helped crime go down"

A very scary bit of history was brought up. It's the opposite of our Roe vs. Wade.
Under dictator Ceausescu in Romanian, women between 25 and 45, were forced to attend, under Ceausescu's population-growth program, a clinic every three months for a pregnancy test. The officials there were known as the 'menstrual police'. Hefty taxes were paid for having no children.

Can you BELIEVE this? I saw MENSTRUAL POLICE and shuddered. They would even come to your workplace and administer tests.

Now the up side to this is the very same children who were born out of these forced pregnancies in Romania grew tired of the dictator and wanted him over thrown. It happened and on Christmas day 1989, he and his wife were shot.


ASouthernGirl said...

I'll look that book up and read it, Thanks for telling about it. I have been to Romania as a nurse and the orphanages make you cry. I'll send up a prayer for your sister too. Please keep us posted.

RitaPita said...


this is like, my third time coming in here today to comment.. i get to the menstrual police', i get too tripped up to speak.

can i say 'eeeeeeeeeeek' and leave it at that?

marybishop said...

I am very sorry about your sister's health problems...and how hard that must be for you right now. But I can see how you put balance in your life by the "menstrual police" comment in the same post.

You're a strong woman.

Jeffs place said...

Prayers for you and sis girl.

paintergirl said...

asoutherngirl-thank you for dropping by. It's terrible what has happened anywhere in eastern europe. The poor children.

ritapita-doesn't it give you the willies thinking about this police squad!

Marybishop-I'm still in a daze. My whole family is in a daze. It's shocking. We really don't know anything yet. But when we do...I wish I was really strong to support my mom who is not handling this very well.

Jeff-Thanks man! My family is super religious, so they are really into the power of prayer. Any bit helps.

Thanks to everyone who gives a shout out to the big guy.

Which by the way-I'm the black sheep of the family and not very religious. I'm spiritual and I am a believer. Though I'm constantly told by my mom to pray for my sister.

Crazy Daze Tees said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I'll send some prayers up for her, too. Stay strong, PG. From the sounds of it, you may have to hold your mom up as well as yourself. It's always most confusing when someone healthy in all appearances has something so wrong with them. I can never quite comprehend that. Hugs and prayers for you and your family...

Vajana said...

finally getting my 'puter to work so I'm making my rounds round the blogworld...really sorry to hear about your sister, will be keeping you and your family in my prayers!

laurenbove said...

Oh, geeze. Sorry about your sister. I can't believe how freaky random and cruel the fickle hand of fate can be. I hope she uses all her strength and love and beats the shit out of this thing. I'll be sending some good vibes out into the universe for her.

Thanks for the book tip. Love books.

I've been arrested by the menstrual police. I was caught sticking something up, with a Tampax. Now, I'm in "Maxi" security destined to a week of solitary.


paintergirl said...

Crazy days-Thanks woman!-Just talked to my mom yesterday and she sounds pretty good. We really don't know exactly everything yet. It's amazing how much I've talked to everyone in my family. This has made us alot closer.

Vajana-Glad to hear the computer is up and going. It's always a total drag when it's out. It's worse than having no phone.

laurenbove-I know it's very freaky. She's a mail carrier and walks everywhere. She is such a fit little lady. Thanks for the good vibes!
You crack me up! And yeah-You would really enjoy the book too.

T said...

Hey PG - you have an amazing ability to balance your posts; prayers out to you and yours in thes stressful times: please keep us all posted, and anything we can do'virtually', don't hesitate to ask...

paintergirl said...

thanks guys for all the support. I still don't know much. It's hard to say what filtered info I'll receive about my sis.

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