22 June 2005

Lemon tree very pretty...

I was encouraged by LaurenBove to write this and feeling overwhelmed with family issues anyway, I decided to do this.

I am from Peach Hi-C punch, A&P storebrand cookies, and stacks of National Geographics in the Florida room.

I am from the 1950's green ranch on the corner. The backyard was my oasis. Bromeliads blooming beneath gigantic elephant ears. Grapefruit trees and crepe myrtles by the pool.

I am from the orange blossoms, palm trees and cicadas screeching in the old live oaks behind our house.

I am from gezundtheits and folk medicine.
From the Bonhams, Coyles, Simons, and Voslers.

I am from pragmatics, dreamers and the superstitious.

From "do as I say, not do as I do" and "don't drop your bra in the street"

I am from Catholics and Methodists and raising me as a Southern Baptist.
From saying your prayers at night and never taking the lords name in vain.

I am from Irishmen, Pennsylvania Dutch, Pilgrims and some mysterious Frenchmen.

I am from my dad's beef stroganoff and my mom's homemade macaroni and cheese.

I am from The Kingston Trio, Herb Alpert and Nat King Cole records.

I am from the man selling more than a life insurance policy and the engaged girl running through the woods to meet him.


RitaPita said...


love the ending most of all. i am glad you did this one. :)

Crazy Daze Tees said...

Love it! Hey, I was raised a Southern Baptist, too. Where'd you grow up, PG? My family is all from the hills (and by hills, I mean mountains) of Virginia near the Kentucky border. Basically in what my mom likes to refer to as the "poverty pocket" of Virginia. :P I wasn't raised there because Mom and Dad ran away from home and eloped, so they had to settle in a different state. But they're both pure "poverty pocket", as is all my extended family. Just curious as to where you're originally from and if you were subject to the true "southern-style" southern Baptist influence or the northern version. :)

Jeffs place said...

Awesome, awesome, job. very nice

paintergirl said...

Thanks guys!
ritapita-that is one of the best stories about my mom and dad. She was engaged to another man, but my dad came along to her beauty shop selling insurance. That's how it all began.

Hey crazy daze-
I grew up in Orlando, F-L-A
(I always have to say FLA like Lou Reed)
I'm pretty sure it was the northern version. When my parents moved to Florida in the 50's it was all northern transplants. Growing up, I never heard a southern accent. The church was still very "fire and brimstone" though. I suspect my parents thought I was going to be a hellraiser, since I was the youngest girl. So they sent me to church and summer bible study and placed the fear of God in me. I was such a good girl.

Jeff-thanks man!

marybishop said...

You not only paint with brushes, you paint with words too. Just beautiful.

Great job and I feel I know you better than before, which is why I love this meme!!

paintergirl said...

Thank you marybishop, that means alot to me. I love this meme too!

itsmelvin said...
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itsmelvin said...

I am so lucky to be married to this wonderful person. This is just great.

paintergirl said...

aw-honey bunny, you're very sweet!. You like it because I finally admit to being from Herb Alpert and The Kingston Trio. (If these 2 musical groups got together and had a baby, it would be me right?)

RitaPita said...

aaaaaawwwwww... you two are too cute. almost gag me with a spoon cute. i love it!

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