05 May 2005

Your my playground love

Today is the day I will post my list thanks to Lauren. I have deleted some and added others. The ones I deleted, well I couldn't have said it better myself.

1. You had to spend the rest of your life on an island with one person and it can't be your spouse. Who would it be?

Rhys Ifans or a young Terrence Stamp or Michael Caine. I know, they're all actors, at least they'd amuse me.

2. If you were God for a day, what is the one thing you would do first?

I would eliminate hatred. Then I wouldn't have to worry about stopping wars.

3. Most disturbing thing you've seen on the news lately?
Teenagers slapping strangers and taping it with their videophones,then posting it online. I'm having flashbacks to A Clockwork Orange. The future is much worse than any 1970;s film about the future

4. Who would write the soundtrack to your life?
I'd like to hear a collaboration between Air and Super Furry Animals(Frenchmen and Welshmen. Could be interesting)

5. Who is your greatest literary influence?
When I was a young lass, it was Mary Stewart-My Brother Michael, Touch Not The Cat,Moonspinners. Great for a girl. Gave me my wanderlust.
Now it would be JG Ballard. It explains a lot about me. I would say Philip K Dick but I don't want to scare anyone.


laurenbove said...

Thanks darling girl, for the credit and the sympatico! Your list is very compelling. I must research the soundtrack of your life...and your literary influences as well. Most interesting!

echrai said...

But, but... I love Philip K. Dick. Asimov, too. Roger Zelazny, oh, and Douglas Adams. Should probably add a smidge of Piers Anthony in there and definitely Harlan Ellison - do you think I read too much? :P

paintergirl said...

lb-I love to be called darling. I think you'd really like Air. Check out their new one, Walkie Talkie. Very ethereal.

echrai-it's so nice to know of other ladies who like Dick. Man I'm making things sound bad all over the place today. And Harlan Ellison..And Asimov.
I wish I had the time, but as of late, I'm lucky to read through The Onion.

Gothamimage said...

Phil Dick - scary?

paintergirl said...

I just haven't run across too many ladies that like Philip Dick-of course now I've found some in blog world.

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