09 May 2005

Life's an illusion,love is a dream

Everybody's happy nowadays. I CANNOT get this Buzzcocks song out of my head! Part of the problem is that we watched Shaun of the Dead-very funny movie. I like zombies again(oh good). The director didn't like the zombies from the remake of Dawn of the Dead either. Very fast and strong. Not cool. I had nightmares for weeks and I'm 38. There is a traffic accident scene that will always be with me. Disturbing.
Now we also watched Sideways. A midlife crisis, soul searching,love movie. Good. It fits in with my theory of love and the people that are right for you.

There is an ending to my skunk story. Saturday morning, my husband was picking up trash in the front yard, when he went to grab a piece of trash from the bushes, and lo' it was skunky curled up in a ball. Was he sleeping or dead? I called animal control. He came right out, and...poor little skunk was dead, stiff as a board. It was a young girl and she may have had distemper. After all my yelling and a desire to throw a rock at her, she came back to our yard and died. I find it a little comforting. She just went on the Big Sleep in our yard. To note, I never would have thrown a rock.


marybishop said...

Poor little girl skunk...she had a stinky life, didn't she?

Artists don't throw rocks, they paint them! We knew you wouldn't throw one...

On another post you mentioned you'd eliminate hatred...excellent! - I've always said: war..but hatred is a far better answer.

paintergirl said...

I know, I felt so bad for her.

I've always said war too, but decided that hatred is more of an issue. The older I get...

laurenbove said...

I have a picure of a skunk eating at my cat's food dishes. I entitled it: Our New Kitty.

paintergirl said...

LB that is so sweet.Nice kittie right?! When I first saw little skunkie I thought she was a cat, until she ran across the road and there was the little hop/skip that they do so well.

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