04 May 2005

I like walking in the park, when it gets late at night

This is the day nature has bit my ass. Oh yes. First off, Mr or Mrs Skunk has decided to make a home by my fence, or at least he was trying to lay in the sun. My dog, who was sprayed by Mr. Skunk during the Snowstorm of 2005 was barking at him. I had to carry my son outside, go down the stairs(in my pjs) and grab a hold of our dog, while yelling at her and hoping she hasn't been sprayed and hoping I don't either. This skunk would not leave. I called Animal Control, but he was off fishing. Can you believe that?
Then-since I could not allow our crazy skunk obsessed dog in the backyard, I decided we should all go for a walk. Despite all the pulling by miss dog, it was a nice jaunt around the neighborhood. And then, I make everyone stand on the porch nicely, when my son starts making gestures to the door. Holy...it was about 100 spiders. Baby spiders at that. Now I feel a bit guilty about killing them, but they would have eventually figured out how to get in the house. If they were outside in the garden, I would not have cared. Did I set a bad example to my son? At least I did not throw rocks at the skunk, which is what I really wanted to do.


laurenbove said...

I'm the same way regarding baby spiders. I had to kill a whole bunch once and I still have remorse.

Have you ever done a monotype? I'm thinking of giving that medium a go.

paintergirl said...

hey ya-
I've done a monoprint before. I'm fuzzy over the language. I loved painting on the metal plate. Are you around the equipment? I'm very jealous if you are. My dream is to have a barn full of printing equipment.

laurenbove said...

I think you call call it either. Printed paintings.

You can do a print with waterbased ink on a gellatin plate, no press needed.

I'm dying to get the stuff and try it.

I like your dream as well. I'd like the barn to be attached to my house though...really near the kitchen =)

Creativity makes me hungry and thirsty.

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