02 May 2005

Pppeople try to ppput us down...

Oh yes-we watched The Kids Are Alright this weekend. It made me wish I could have seen them in concert, and of course Keith Moon seemed to be the most likeable guy. So that's very sad.

Notes from the weekend-went to an amazing sculpture garden called Storm King Arts Center. Beautiful! Very inspirational and spiritual. Some people need to go to church to get a good cleansing of the soul. I need ample time outdoors and art thrown in really perks me right up. It was on 500 hundred acres, wedged between mountains.

My son only says mama and dada, but he started humming, and I'm not kidding, Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart. We were eating dinner and we almost spit food out of our mouths. It was only the first nine notes, but perfect tone.

I think my husband is going to quit his job today. This is going to throw me into a tailspin, but somehow we'll get through this. I can't see him suffer emotionally and physically from this job. So I told him if he has to quit, then quit.


echrai said...

perhaps you have a child prodigy on your hands - kids LOVE Mozart. I sure did. My parents had a bridge party one evening when I was 3. Because they were hosting, they didn't see the need for a babysitter. When my mother came up to check on me, I was not in my bed. She heard noises from the den down by the master suite... and walked in to find me gleefully watching an epsiode of the Magic Flute presented by Great Performances. She had difficulty deciding whether to let me go or reprimand me. I started piano lessons that same year and was performing while still quite young. :)

paintergirl said...

WOW! That is very cool. Piano lessons at three? You were a very smart kid.

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