03 May 2005

And the birds in your garden,they all started singing this song

Actual conversation between me and my husband

PGH(hubby): Why do you always bring The Doors tape to the car?
PG: I do that, really?
PGH: Yes every time it starts warming up outside, you bring The Doors out.
PG: The Doors are kind of warm weather music. Like The Beach Boys.
PGH: But I never picture you listening to them or liking them?
PG: Why is that?
PGH: Because they are a bit hippyish for you?
PG: I guess they are but I do like them. And I know I ALWAYS bring New Order out here.
PGH: Yes you do.
PG: Well I'm more New Order, when I think of you, you are definitely more Joy Division.
PGH: You are New Order, and yea, I like Joy Division songs better.
PG: No-you are Joy Division. Serious, volatile, sad.
PGH: I'll agree to that.


T said...

Love. Love will tear us apart. Again.

Bloody typical.

paintergirl said...

It's so so true. Love is so very problematic.

In our house we're only allowed to play Joy Division if we're both really happy, or very upset. No middle ground, because it will put one over the edge to the dark side in a flash.

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