29 April 2005

Into the sea, you and me

I am not fond of basements. Coming from Florida, we don't have them there for obvious sinkhole reasons. So our new house in New York has one, and I usually face it with dread. Today I was in the basement sorting dirty clothes, when I had that tingly sensation that someone/something was watching me. Oh-it was our neighbors cat and he was looking at me through our basement window. Oh thanks for scaring the bee jeebs out of me!
Now on my trip, (sorry I think I have a few more to tell)Oh, wait, so the week before my trip, my mom called to tell my she had our 21 year cat put to sleep. I assured her she did the right thing and that she wasn't suffering anymore and she had a very long and sweet life. Now she is buried in the back yard with our 3 dogs and many many goldfish (I have to bury them, I feel it is not a dignified death to be flushed)
Now the weird thing, I swear on a stack of Bibles (this coming from a girl raised as a Baptist) I kept hearing her meow at odd times of the day. Do you think there are animal ghosts? Sometimes I believe in ghosts and sometimes I don't. I'm Sculley and Moulder all rolled into one.


Vajana said...

I have serious heebie jeebies about basements. I always have nightmares about someone coming up from the basement and getting me. It's really weird how some of those things carry on through your whole life!

paintergirl said...

It's so true. (I still don't like hippies.) I told this to my husband and he said he was happy to know I am so perceptive to when someone may be watching me.

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