08 April 2005

She's got spies, but it's not quite like the CIA

I'm am in a tizzy over here because I'm trying to get things packed and the house under control before my son and I leave for 2 WEEKS without my hubby. I'll be ready to come home after a week. Going to Orlando to see the family and no, it can never be a vacation when it comes to my family. I'll be harassed about not going to church, why don't we move back down here, why don't you eat meat. It's endless. My son will be my diversion. I'm nervous about hubby getting me to laguardia, I'm nervous about flying. I'm trying to calm down and just breathe.

I have packed 2 books, The Time traveler's Wife and the Third Wave. My mum has 5 year old prevention mags and they are not so bad, but I've already read them a dozen times.
And I'm going to miss you guys. 2 weeks! I'll try to check in somewhere along the way to see how everyone is doing.

And be careful posting. Have you looked at Gothamimage lately? Bush fans are rabid. Fox news has taught them well.

Peace and love to all


Gothamimage said...

No church? No meat? What are you .... some sort of free thinking, secular, left wing, vegitarian, artsy Rush Limbaugh nightmare?

Have a nice trip and thinks for the plug:)

Spurious Plum said...

Yeah, cause the Time Traveler's wife is such an upper...

Great blog!

T said...

Aren't you back yet? We're all missing you!

Hope the trip is going / went well!

Gothamimage said...

The have been taught

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