07 April 2005

It's always better on holiday..

Borrowed from laurenbove over at mindful things.

Accent: I do not have one. Only when I tell people we moved from Atlanta, do they say I have a slight southern accent. And I don't ya'll!
Bra size: a bit smaller after my son's birth
Chore I hate: mopping the floor
Dad's name: Bernard Francis
Essential makeup: moisturizer and blush
favorite perfume: Toilette de Toddler
Gold or silver: silver
Hometown: Orlando
Interesting Fact: Orlando has an annual Kumquat Festival
Job Title: Shit Ass Hoe Motherfucker, (borrowed from Dooce)sometimes freelancer
Kids: 1 crazy little man/child
Living arrangements
: colonial near the Hudson
Mom's birthplace: Shickshinny
Number of apples eaten last week: I hear that eating bananas are better.And that would be 4
Overnight hospital stays: 1 birth
Phobias: Flying roaches
Question you ask yourself a lot: Will we have to move to Europe?
Religious affiliation: Protestant. But I have strong leanings towards Buddhist ways.
Siblings: Two sisters.
Time I wake up: 7am .
Unnatural hair color: Red
Natural hair color: Light brown. Some sneaky white curly ones are showing up though
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lima beans!
Worst habit: Too many projects, never finish one
X-rays: teeth, foot
Yummy food I make: Spinach lasagna, strawberry shortcake
Zodiac sign: Aries, with leaning towards my old rising sign which is Libra

Favorite (Drinking) Toast
:May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Here's my added question
Place you'd like to visit: There are lots, but I'll pick Vienna,Austria for starters, so I can walk around and sing Ultravox and embarrass my husband.


marybishop said...

I love your toast...that's a winner. I'm with you on the lima beans...flying roaches? Now look what you've done, you've added a new phobia to my list!!

paintergirl said...

The toast is an old Irish one, and my dad, also an old Irish one, used it. Thanks for coming over MaryBishop!

laurenbove said...

Whoa! That is an Excellent toast. I'm from Irish folk, myself. I can't believe I haven't heard that one. Can I use it? Please say yes!

Sorry about the roaches thing.

Post the shortcake recipe if you dare! I want to try it and strawberry season is almost upon us up north!

paintergirl said...

I have now changed my chore to laundry as well. I went downstairs to the basement and F@!K ME, I have not only a load of clothes in the dryer but in the wash. When did this happen? Were little elves trying to help me but decided to go off drinking instead?

hey lauren-I'll try to post the recipe soon and of course you can use the toast!

T said...

OK firstly, theres a place called Shickshinny?

Secondly; Vienna. This means nothing to me...Oh! Vienna. (does this mean Midge now gets a royalty?)

Vajana said...

Shickshinny is officially my new nickname. Awesome!

laurenbove said...

Thanks PG: You're really cool to share like that.

Shickshinny? Say that ten times fast? I don't think so!

TGIF: Let's make some balls this weekend! We can compare notes on Monday.

paintergirl said...

make Balls? What? you are so funny. My mom, she is a nut always says she is from Shickshinny, but she was actually born in an even smaller town,oh get this, Coonsville. I can't make this stuff up. My fam always goes by Shickshinny since my mom won't admitt about the Coon place.

paintergirl said...

Oh T-you do not realize I used to be in love with Midge. Sad but true.

T said...

I'd love to type more, but my fingers won't work from the uncontrollable laughing..!

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