25 April 2005

In my high wire days...

Ah yes, I'm back. It's so nice to go away, but very nice to be home. and to be missed is always very sweet. I had a very interesting trip. Filled with many emotions. Sad. Relaxing. Lonely. Peaceful. Sometimes very cute. Ok, that's not really an emotion, but whenever I'm around my family I feel like I'm 15 again, and so sometimes they make me feel like I'm cute.

Let's see, I ran into my phobia(see my list). Scary. I watched 0 t.v. I read The Time travelers Wife , depressed me. I drank my mom's brandy.

Just wanted to check in and give everyone a big kiss, So many songs in my head from my trip. Can't get them out just yet.


laurenbove said...

xxx, back atcha. (you did mean me, right?)

paintergirl said...

kisses to everyone you crazy LB

T said...

Hey PG, welcome back!
Sounds like you had a very intersting trip back home and metaphysically back in time; we're all listening if you wanna share...

paintergirl said...

Oh yes I will share. Probably bore everyone to tears. I found a journal I kept when I was 14-15. It has some very detailed family situations that I forgot about. I was such a good girl too. I read the Bible, I turned down dates with older boys. And now look at me...drinking Ballentines and listening to devil music.

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