28 April 2005

It's nobody's fault,but we need somebody to burn

I had a meeting today with the Early Intervention people today. My son will be seeing a speech pathologist twice a week. I'm excited for him, and I can't wait to start. I think it's his muscles in his lower jaw. I'm hoping there will be exercises to do with him. My doctor also thought he had a bit of a cross in his right eye. So also today was the eye doctor. He's fine. Hooray! Poor little guy has had so much going on.
And this book I'm working on with my husband, it's painfully time consuming. So I better get off to it right away. Hope you guys (LB and T) are doing well today.


paintergirl said...

I forgot to add that one of the three women who came to the house this morning was from the childrens welfare dept. Wow. This woman never smiled. Ever. I think I'm a bit of a jokester and this woman was not at all amused with me. Thank goodness I put The Scorpians record away that my husband had out and I didn't wear my FCUK shirt.

T said...

I'm sorry this is late - by a few days - but I'm fine thank you kindly for enquiring!

I guess the FCUK shirt would be an issue if the lady was dyslexic. But what does 'U KFC' actually mean? ;-)

paintergirl said...

You ARE naughty! Well I once wore a very sweet pink FCUK for a doctors visit and he told me I had some nerve to wear it. Now I'm defiant. Ignorant people see those letters and jump to conclusions. I'll make a wager and say they are Republicans.

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