27 April 2005

I'm living on a Chinese rock,everything is in the pawn shop

Back to this whole journal that I had found. What really stood out was how something may never happen again. For example, my family, which at this time was my mom and dad and one of my older sisters.(My oldest sis was already married with kids at this time)
So here we are at he beach and a few months later I wrote that my sister who was with us for vacation, was going to be married. We never knew at the time this may be our last time together. And so being at the house I grew up in, I'm forced to see all of those moments. Last BBQ or pool party. Can I remember them? No. Last time I rode bikes with my mom? I remember doing these things but never the very last one. All of these things are special, and I don't remember specifics. Having found the journal helps, but it's not enough.


laurenbove said...

I know what you're talking about. I always give myself the creeps and poignant sadness when I start thinking about things that way.

It's strange looking back on things and realizing that we didn't know it was our last time together...doing this...or that...

Journals are great, but sometimes talking to others that can relate jog the memory even more.

paintergirl said...

As always you are a sage. Do you ever feel like you may be an old soul? I get it every once in awhile.

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