06 April 2005

Love will tear us apart again..

OH MY GOSH-something I forgot to tell everyone. It's not everyday I get to see this. (I don't get out much.) After my son's hearing test (my hubby played hooky to do this with me), and I suggested going to the pub by the train station for some lunch. So we sit down and, you know how once you're seated, you start checking out the other patrons? Well, we were sitting next to this couple, I could only describe her as some Hispanic/Asian dragon lady ( I would not want to get into a fight with this girl) and well he was a mook-or T might say 'a Wide Boy'. Anyway, these 2 were not eating but drinking MANY martinis. Who does this at lunch anymore? This is not the Dick van Dyke show(did they drink). Well you get my drift. And from what we could tell they were both real estate agents. She was visiting from out of town, and as hubby so eloquently said, 'trying to get into her panties'. Ok, he said pants, I said panties, you say tomato...

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