26 April 2005

I staggered through your chilly dining room

So it seems everything is back to normal. After an hour of book keeping and going through mail, all is well. My family adored my son, who is the youngest grandchild. He kept getting lots of toys, and he played outside all the time. Now we are the only 2 in Weschester County with tans. But it is very nice to be back home. Florida is such a strange place. My mom lives in the same house that I grew up in, and that is such a weird thing. We used to have a beautiful backyard with a pool, and now the pool is filled in. That really depresses me. There is still a hole in the bathroom door, wear a huge banana spider used to live and yes he would come out at night. Most kids are scared of monsters, no not me, I was scared of real things. I used to worry that hippies were going to come into my bedroom and shoot drugs into me, then take me away. Most of my friends were thinking about vampires. I also used to think guerrillas were going to surround the house and kill my family and I. This is what happens when children watch the evening news. I remember Walter Cronkite listing all the dead soldiers in Vietnam. Wow I digressed.

All of the poor trees that were ripped apart after Hurricane Charlie are just coming back. And everyone wears shorts-ALL THE TIME.

I have also come back to some work. I need to lay out and design a 48 page book. It will be nice to have extra money, but I won't have lots of extra time.

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