06 April 2005

Gentleman, take polaroids..

I'm so sorry T. That is one of my birthday songs. I have played that song on my birthday for the past 20 years. (yikes!) My hubby always teases me when I break out the old Japan records. I also have to play all of Raw Power by Iggy.
Too many things going on, planning a 2 week trip to Florida to visit my mom, my son had to have his ears checked (a late talker) and we now live in a neighborhood with some kind of association and I was the delegated spouse to attend. Wow-it was the first time I've ever been to one of those meetings and brother, everyone likes to complain. I left after 2 hours and they were still talking.


T said...

I can only empathise with your hubby; I assume he also gets a small gift on your birthday ( ear plugs is a tradition in our house!!) as I normally wake everyone with 'Birdland' by Weather Report, followed by a day of anything Blue Note or Costello; A screwy combo Guaranteed to empty my house!

Luckily, we avoided the tenants assoc. thing, although we do the Neighbourhood Watch thing, but that just involves a sticker on a window...

Did you get any kind of birthday?!

paintergirl said...

I can't believe I misspelled my favorite Japan song. David Sylvian is going to hunt me down.
T-it is so nice you asked about me birthday. It was very sweet, once my husband came home. I bought some Newcastles and he bought me lots of nice things. One of the coolest is the new Nancy Sinatra CD. He also got me Elliot Smith's last record, but we won't talk about that. It is very good in a drug addict, stab myself in the heart kind of way.
Oh yes, and the way to my heart(oh sorry, by way of not stabbing), he brought me a little cake from the city. He even put candles on it. I love candles on cakes. (It must be the little girl inside me.) He made a very nice day for me. Considering last years birthday, where he and my mom got into an arguement in a restaurant,and I stormed out with baby in my arms. It was so dramatic and very funny looking back on it. The looks of the the wait staff as I rushed away, priceless. So no crying or arguements=a good birthday.

Vajana said...

hope everything went well with the hearing test. My 5 year old was a late talker and will not STOP now.

We have no neighborhood associations, youre on your own in the 'burbs.

paintergirl said...

Thanks for asking about my son. His hearing is within normal range. We guessed as much. He has been evaluated for speech and we're waiting to see what the county has to say and what kind of treatment. He has some oral problems, won't blow bubbles, pucker lips, but will drink through a straw. he only says mama and dada and lots of babbling and jargon. The speech specailist said he is off the charts in comprehension, which made me feel really good. Just no talking. So we'll see what happens in our meeting at the end of the month. Did your son have any speech classes?

T said...

Our eldest was a late talker; again tho' good comrehension of what was going on around. She also stuttered later on in life, but this only lasted about 9 months, and had something to do with the brain and mouth catching up to eachother. Now she suffers from ADHD ( is it ADD in the U.S.?) and has medication which has been amazingly efective!!

Vajana said...

My eldest daughter had speech classes, but the one that did not talk never did. And as I said, I cannot get her to shut up. She's funny though. The older one could not pronounce her 'k's and 'c' and 'g's. She would always say 'titty' instead of 'kitty' and well that's just not real acceptable in these parts.

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