04 April 2005

She's filing her nails as they're dragging the lake

Today is my big ole 38th birthday. It sounds so bad when I say it. I still feel like I'm in my 20's. Notice I didn't say when I was a teenager. So far it has been an extremely normal, and boring day. My husband sang happy birthday to me this morning and made me coffee. Very sweet. And then my mom called me. So that's always nice to hear from her.

And life goes on...if I may complain...the one thing I hate so far about getting older is all of the paperwork I have to keep track of. I can't stand it. I have a nice filing cabinet, but it's just horrible. Whenever I'm filing bills and receipts away I always feel like I'm in the movie Brazil, with all the papers swirling around, and then I'll just vanish.


T said...

Elvis Costello!! One of my top Three artists! Ever! - Marry me!! - Ohh wait; so wrong on how many levels??!?!?!

In that case - have a VERY Happy Birthday! I remember 38 like it was only... last year! My turn to have a wee drinky on your behalf. I hope the rest of the day went well.

T said...

Sorry to interrupt again, but I just had to add that 'Boy with a Problem' and 'Almost Blue' are currently my Costello faves at the mo'.

paintergirl said...

Ok-so you are probably my husband in a parallel universe. The Jack D joke, that sounds like something my husband would say. And this past weekend he went on an Elvis Costello listening binge. 'Almost Blue' has always been one of my fav's and it always makes me cry. or my eyes all watery,depending on my current mood. I always cry when I here Richard Manuel from 'The Band' sing 'Whispering Pines.' Just thinking about it makes me sad. Oh, now I have to go and play it.

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