18 September 2012

Almost fall

Two things I know.

Summer must be fleeing when I start reaching for my slippers. I look forward to summer and bringing out the indoor flip flops. No more socks! But now I bid adieu to the flip flops. Until 2013.

It also must be fall season when I start craving warm cider and not wanting a gin & tonic. I love the smell of cider on the stove with a cinnamon stick in the pot.

I embrace the fall weather, though I'm always a little sad to say good bye to summer. Boys of summer and all that. No more pool or lake. No BBQ's on the porch with summer tunes blasting. No fireflies.

Here is my view that overlooks the east side of the house. Some of the maples are already changing color. It's crazy windy here today in the Catskills and at times the rain is horizontal. Quite blustery.

Some arty things-
This is a ink drawing I recently did. There was this very dead, and unfortunately very tall maple right next to the house. Not the best idea to have a very dead and tall maple hovering nearby. I finally was able to get a tree surgeon out and basically pull it down. It was home to many birds over the years, and was rotted through almost to the base. I think this is part of the tree that has been eaten and weathered away. Love the look of it. Nice big chunk of organic matter. I made a bigger charcoal drawing of it as well.

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