07 September 2007

There are roots in the ground, and kidneys in the body...

I am going to lose my ever loving mind. I know I have said this before, I'm not crying wolf.

The countdown has REALLY started and everyday is one step closer to the end, and a new beginning. But it is all chaos.

I seem to be in constant driving mode in search of boxes. I'm like a squirrel looking for nuts.

Boxes, are there some behind that building? OK, I'll wait for the liqueur store to open and they'll put out boxes for sure. I know they thought I was waiting to rob them. (Oh right with a 5 year old accomplice in the back. I'm not Raising Arizona, yet.)

And and we are also in constant mode of looking for sponsors. Good grief it's hard to be a salesman when you're an artist. All we need are a few.

And did I mention the new owners are jerks. They keep changing the closing date-earlier this week they asked us which day we would like, and I picked on. Now today my attorney calls and they want it changed. I am sick and tired of them. Oh yes and the wife of the couple, is an attorney-so 3 f-ing real estate attorneys, and ours isn't helping us. It honestly makes me fed up with New York state and never buy here again. But upstate is pretty mellow, so they act differently. Here it's all about making tons of money and ripping someone off.

Today is now Sunday and we moved a ton of things into storage. I should take a pic of the storage unit. I'm saying this now, what ever does not fit into this space, we are not taking.Ebay has stopped because we can't do anymore auctions(running out of time). I'm trying to Craigslist furniture but keep getting scam emails. Why me. Please someone buy this furniture. We have a lovely Restoration Hardware Mission Bed. Not taking it.

And yes I will have an art/plant sale next weekend. I will post my flyer for it.

Peace and love


acumamakiki said...

It's busy next weekend but I should really try to get to your art/plant sale. That's exactly why I hate Craig's list - the scheisters. I can't believe how fast this is all happening - I'm SO excited for you! Sorry your buyers are ass-hats. xo

JC said...

Liquor stores are good for boxes.

Good luck with all this kee-rap you've got going on!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I called all the grocery and liquer stores in my area when I moved and found one person who was willing to help me who set aside a slew of them on a particular day, that I went and picked up at a particular time. The grocery store actually put them all on a cart for me, which was waiting in the produce section for me to just wheel to my car!

I cant wait to meet you. :) If you lived closer, I would come buy stuff! (but I dont need a bed)

paintergirl said...

kiki-please please please come!
I can't believe it's happening period

jc-liquor boxes are great for records and books. both can overload a box and make them mother fing heavy. Ya know?

stepping-hey that pretty cool. I don't think anyone would be that nice here, but I could try.
My son is thrilled to know you live on an island (me too)

hollibobolli said...

OMG - I got insane shit on craiglist. I got a check that would have indebted me for a freaking car loan. hello!!!

I really need to figure out how far it would be to get there. Can you send me your address? I'll try and figure out if it's doable.

paintergirl said...

holli-how does anyone sell anything on craigs list? This furniture needs to go, and soon.

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