04 September 2007

I saw a deadhead sticker on a cadillac...

Yesterday was the last day for the pool here. And I always think of this song.

I wish or I guess I hope someone hears this song and thinks of me. I don't know why. I'm not a dead head fan, but I like this Henley song.

What song(s) do you want people to think of you when they hear it? I have about a dozen.(Of course.)

How many boxes do you think I can fit into my 4-door Honda? The answer might surprise you.

Do you remember my last sketchbook entry with the neighbors window fan?

I looked at it Friday night and there was a blue light shining inside and from where I was standing the fan looked like a giant starfish caught in a net under the sea. It was kinda cool. So I tried to take a pic. The blue room did not show up, but the window next door did. Does it not look like The Exorcist?
These are some cloud shots my son took at the pool. He said, "I wanted to take a picture of that cloud because I want to remember it forever." Thanks to Holli for getting me all excited about a Disney Pic Click. I love the grainy quality. I was mad at myself for not getting a Fisher Price camera about 20 years ago. This camera is GREAT!And last night my husband asked if I could help him with a project. He's working on a cd promo ad. I never knew I could cut felt so nicely. Thank goodness I just bought a new pair of fabric scissors. Oh this blog entry is insane and I'm sorry. Peace and love.


JC said...

Yeah, that window looks kinda creepy! Hey, I finally get to say that about someone else's photos! :)

I love what Little Man said about the clouds. Did he think they looked like anything?

I love your cutouts too. Being crafty is fun!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

NOTHING like a good pair of fabric scissors! My mom bought me the most amazing large Ginghers that are out of this world. Been using them to make quilts for my girls this month.

acumamakiki said...

i freaking love those felty numbers - can't wait to see how you use them. our pool closed on monday - i always hate that day. that glowing window reminds me of the movie monster house. maybe they need to blow that window fan to mask the stench of decaying zombie bodies?? kidding.

paintergirl said...

jc-Doesn't it though? No the wee man just said it in his funny little way, like me I guess. Appreciating things for what they are.

stepping-Now you have some serious scissors. I'm pleased with mine because they cut like butter and no one is allowed to use them. Show pictures of the quilts too please.

kiki- I can't find a tote I like so I think I need to make my own, and maybe I should get those numbers back and sew them on.(you just gave be that idea) I'll email you the ad Jos did. It's cute,it's all about cut-outs and it's for a TMBG kids cd.

hollibobolli said...

The Exorcist pic is freaky - GAAAAAH!!!

I'm so glad you all like the Disney camera. Faith has actually taken some really good pics.. although I crack up when I see how similar they are to what she's seen me shoot (little pics of her shoes.. and now she's moving on to self portraits)

and shit.. excuse me.. Nate is in the F'ing fridge


okay. I would have to think about the song thing (and hard, because I obsess over that stuff). I love, LOVE that song and that is my favorite line from the entire song.

I do have theme songs. Kashmir is the "evil Holli theme song." I totally expect everyone to hear that in their head when I'm in a rage. I've forced many a person to listen to it, just in case they need to be scared later on.

and now you know just how crazy I am.. and how similar we are.


Okay - Nate is back in the fridge. I can't think.


paintergirl said...

holliholli-That is so cute Faith is like you taking pics. I do not know where the wee man gets his vision. It's very random and he does it like he's some crazy director guy. I'll have to post some of his photos.

That is the best line in the song. Are we talking the Zepp song. One of my favorite zepp's. I think I'll go listen to it and think of you.

hollibobolli said...

yes, the Zep song. I tried to think of the other Holli related songs.. I guess the one most associated with me by friends and family is Tiny Dancer. I have no idea why - it just seems to come up most often, to the point I now throw it at the end of all personalized cd's I make for people. When Elton played it in concert I wasn't sure who I needed to call and hold the phone in the air. I just cried. I wuv that song... oh and how I love Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters. How did I end up on an Elton jag?

Vedrana M. said...

love the cloud shots your son took :) and great question about
songs...hm, maybe Lynsey Wells by Franz Ferdinand...i must think about it! xxx

paintergirl said...

holli-I knew it and now I will think of you when I hear it.

vedrana-you got through!!! yay! I just love that song(and the band) and will think of you too when I hear it. That's what happens, someone will tell me a bit of info like that, and I will remember it forever.

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