26 September 2007

If you leave...don't look back...

Pony ball

70's bamboo tray

My mom's overnight bag

Cushions from IKEA couch

These are last minute items in a box. Don't you just love those sweet ever loving last boxes? I thought I was doing so well this time. We're exhausted. We're living several days in one. It's sheer madness and we close tomorrow on the house. I'm sorry I haven't been here to give a detailed account but there are just too many things to do.

I will leave you with this photo. Most of you know I have a very unrealistic fear of zombies. See here.

This is our storage. Do I need to say anything else?


Margaret said...

i'm really excited about your new project

acumamakiki said...

so excited for you! and i've been thinking of you a lot pg, wondering how it's all going. zombies...make sure you leave the squeaky shoes at home, stealth-like movements. xoxo

paintergirl said...

margaret-I am too and I can't wait to start.

kiki-I'm so glad everything went well for you. At first I thought the storage would be a good place to hide from them, but it's not. Too shut off. I do get a little freaked when the lights turn off(they are on timers) and you can see lights on in in some of the other peoples units. Makes me think someone is living inside.Creepy man.

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