13 August 2007

Thistled and thorned...

Good morning/afternoon kit kats! I'm so happy to be back even though I have tons of things to work on.

I will say it was boot camp at my mom's. No car, no music make paintergirl something something...I really was into torturing myself by bringing Of Human Bondage as well. I can think of several things wrong with the title. Still haven't finished it.

There are way too many little bits I need to catch up on this morning. I will leave with a sneak peak in my journal. There will be funny, sad, & weird stories and photos of the neighborhood.


kristen said...

glad you're home and can't wait to hear your stories. xo

JC said...

Go crazy? Don't mind if I do! jksdfhj*&%hd7#@$%%ADF

Love the journal page. Glad you're back!

paintergirl said...

kristen-I'm glad to be back.

jc-that has to be one of my favorites-Here's Johnny...

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