14 August 2007

Everybody play the game...of love...

(Sorry I'm listening to Queen, again)

First I have to say I love my mom. I admit we are very similar but she drives me crazy. My husband says when I get mad, I'm just like my mom. I get quiet very quickly and I won't look you in the eye. Don't try any funny business and make me laugh, because I'm mad and that's that.

So I found myself like this with my mom. Then she would get mad...so I would have to play nice or else we'd wouldn't talk all day. You can tell we're related.

My mom was scheduled for a surgery on Monday morning. My sister took her to the hospital and she was hooked up, ready to go and the anesthesiologist came in and looked over her charts and said-"We'd better not do this because your sodium is too low. You could have brain swelling or a stroke." That was it for my mom. She will not reschedule. Ever. The next day she turned this doctor's advice on us-her family and became nasty about it. She really said this-mind you she'll be 80 next year-"If you girls want me to have this surgery and something happens to me, then you'll have to deal with it then." Oh thanks mom. Well I'm not telling her to do it. Forget it. So I had to listen to my mom on the phone with all of her friends and telling them this whole ordeal over and over again. I would leave the room.

After a few days she was better. Thank heavens.

I started off the cleaning festivities by working in my bedroom. WOW was that a can of worms.
I found yearbooks and notes and lot's of funny little things.

Here is my old microscope. Check out my specimens. Who can tell me what the dragonfly is in? I was pretty resourceful even at 9. Well, and I was a girl scout.
And notice the contact lens case. I hijacked that from one of my sisters. That was my dirt sampler. I would collect dirt and write about the different kinds I found around the yard. And you know what there was still dirt in it.When I'm forced to see this kind of thing from my childhood, I seriously wonder how and why I didn't become a scientist. I was so completely into it. I would collect dead bugs from the pool and cuts wings off of bees and wasps and look at them under the microscope. I have a scalpel somewhere. Then I would draw what I saw-I loved it. I still kind of do. Biology has always fascinated me.
Me in my old bedroom late at night. I found some pearls my mom gave me and my dad's aviators. This was Monday night. I think I was delirious.

Here is the backyard now where the pool once existed.

This will forever make me sad. It was once my oasis. Now it's full of snakes, chameleons and mosquitoes.

I'll stop for now and leave you with a pic of a rarely spotted jungle boy.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love the thought of going through my childhood room. Which is long gone. I do have alot of my things, childrens books, some dolls and special things from when I was a kid but I would love to open the drawers as they existed when I left for college, right now, and see what I had. Your little guy at the end, is priceless! Oh my goodness, how cute!

paintergirl said...

stepping-I think sometimes I have been blessed by my mom keeping the house for so long, then I wonder is it more of a curse. She was "saving" the house for me.

acumamakiki said...

look at your boy! he's the true surfer boy! and i love your aviators and pearl look - you should use this pic as your avatar.

hollibobolli said...

The dragonfly is in a tic-tac dispenser... but the little bottles look like.. um?

Okay - you look totally hot in that pic. That reinforces my "pearls go with everything and should be worn at all times" theory.

I love the pics of your childhood room. Thank you for sharing them - that totally took me back. I loved my microscope - I ended up with some scars from my own.

JC said...

I had a microscope and chemistry set when I was a kid. Oh, and I also had a rock collection that I actually still have.

Tell Jungle Boy to look out for Sasquatch!

paintergirl said...

acumamakiki-The wee man is such a surfer without an ocean(aren't we all). My husband was wondering why I didn't bring the shades back. Hey that's a good idea about the avatar. More appropriate now.

holliholli-ding ding ding
tic tacs loved those

Ok so my husband called me Marge since I started wearing these pearls. Sometimes my tolerance for teasing is low. Thanks for making me feel good.

I should have brought the microscope back. I wish I had one of those high powered ones.

jc-And you had a drumset, and a rock collection. I have one of those too somewhere. My favorite is a piece of lava. Oh yes let's not forget the stamp collection too.

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