23 August 2007

And I'm just digging a Chinese ditch...

Today's visuals are brought to you by Paintergirl, who seems to be in a funk at the moment.I have so many memories tied up in Orlando. I guess that's what hometowns are all about.

Some things never change.
This is my favorite bakery shop called Charlies. Great cupcakes!

Our local DQ. I remember many a bike ride with my mom to go have a banana split. The wording on the sign sounds disgusting.

I have never ever eaten here, but I have always loved this sign and I was afraid if I didn't take a photo of it on this trip it would disappear.

I love love love this Edmunds Sign. I took this on the way to the airport when we were leaving. All along this street used to be 50's and 60's styled signs. All gone now.
God Bless America!

My friend John who just visited me-lived here with his mom and brother for a few years a long long time ago. These are on Crystal Lake Drive. I have always loved the name Crystal Lake.

Now for some changes.This has always been a strange little place. I swear it changes hands every 6 months. I have always thought it was cute.

This used to be our movie theatre.

This was a hopping place back when, now it's a sad memory.
Oh and a Carvel used to be in here to.

Back of a gas local gas station.

I thought this was terribly morbid, but only in Florida and maybe Arizona. buh.

And now for the saddest bit for me, this used to be my dad's Burger Chef.
It used to look like this. And this concludes my journey.


JC said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk. Feel better soon!

I love these photos. I'm always fascinated by unusual-looking signs.

paintergirl said...

Thanks jc-I'm feeling better this morning. I was so upset about a million things yesterday, and then I had to go to City Hall and pay for another jerky piece of paper to sell the house, and I was crying. I was super pathetic.

The funny thing is I did my i-ching yesterday and it said I needed to be more reticent. I think that's my problem is that I'm too reticent.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love signs...they fascinate me, especially the old ones we dont want to disappear. There are some in Los Angeles that are still up and there are always movements to save restaurants and dives because they are landmarks, mostly because they have fabulous big signs that everyone remembers from when they were 2.

JC said...

I'm all about the reticent. Story of my life.

hollibobolli said...

I'm glad I got to see you out of the funk before I got to this, although the end of this - with the pagoda overtaking nostalgia.. just broke my heart in two.

I love that chicken with two peeps sign - it's precious.

You don't like waffle shrimp biscuits?

I saw some giant sign about burials.. I must go find it now.

I like your photo posts.. you have such an interesting eye.

I just want to give you a big hug. My word verification ended with "cry." :(

paintergirl said...

And this is why I should never write posts when I'm sad-Back of a gas local gas station-WT...?

stepping-I love old signs and that will be something I want to take photos of on the trip.


holliholli-oy with the sadness. You know. It was just so hard going through things, and not just packing them. Thank you for the hugs!

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