11 July 2007

So please show your I.D. at the door...

So did anyone check out Live Earth?

We watched parts-saw the B Boys looking like secret agent men. I can't get over Mike D's afro.I'll always love those boys. Madonna-eh. The Police were good, but they really don't need extra people coming out and singing with them.

Well there has been some crazy crazy stuff happening here.
Someone wants to buy our house-hooray!
The downside is that their inspector thought there was an old oil tank under the driveway.
The potential buyers hired a sonar guy, and yup, there's a stinking tank under the driveway. Isn't that glorious fun. So guess who gets to pay to have this tank dug up? Yes, us. I completely freaked out over this a couple of weeks ago, but now I'm just taking care of business. TCB baby.

I have some photos to post-I'll update later.

And go here for the big plan. And come back to me.

Peace and love in the lower 48!


kristen said...

HURRAY!! Now we can talk about it - I've been thinking so much about your project since you shared your secret - I'm thrilled for you and your family PG. xoxo

charlotte said...

Saw the Black-eyed Peas, The Police and Kenye.....missed the Chile Peppers. Damn.

Irene said...

wowowowowow!!!! this is awesome! can't wait to hear more!

JC said...

I watched a good deal of Live Earth. I'm in agreeance about The Police - they didn't need Kanye out there. I thought it was ironic that the Beastie Boys played Sabotage since their current tour is all mellowed out for their new all-instrumental album, which I've heard isn't so great.

Great news about the house!

I need to check out teh plan.

adam said...

The Plan! Amazing! I applaud your daring go-get-it attitude. Looking forward to seeing what happens. Watched bits of Live Earth. Beasties we're cool. Foo Fighters were amazing. He's a talented boy, that Dave. Missed the Chilis though.

hollibobolli said...

Holy crap - an entire oil tank??? I'm so sorry!!! That is insane in the membrane!!

I missed most of Live Earth and I was devastated. Like - sick to my stomach. sniff. I just saw the end. wah

Take care of business, Patti - it's worth it. Otherwise someone could sue later on.. It will be worth it to just get this monkey off of your back. Hang in there - you're almost done.


laurenbove said...

Loved the beasties hated madonna...smashing pumpkins was 2/3rds not smashing pumpkins and Al Gore was a little too PRish for my taste but I enjoyed it. DH even got out his 68 Fender Precision Bass for the event...lucky neighbors. I was a little excited when Mayer was called out by Sting to play along but saddend when Kanye West "improvised " some seriously lame rapping.

Vedrana M. said...

i saw a bit of live Earth, i listened it more on the radio :) i really liked the short movies/messages how we can do more...
and hurray for great news about the house!

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