01 May 2007

whisper words of wisdom...

I am very excited to be the "Getting to Know" host over at Create a Connection for this month of May. Thanks Melba!

I am a huge movie and music fan, and I'm always curious to know about other people's favorites.

My first round of questions relates to various forms of creativity.

I want to know what book, movie and song not only changed your life, but also changed the way you thought about the medium. It could have been when you were a child or a teenager or just last week. Anytime in your life.

The Song.

I lived in a very music loving household which was wonderful. There were many different age groups and therefore different types of music. Thankfully I had 2 older sisters who had good taste and I listened to all of their records and 8 tracks. (Yes 8 tracks)

The one song that changed it all for me was "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. I was 8 and I must have listened to that song 1000 times as I laid upside down on my sister's bed. Not knowing as a child the words to describe it I can only remotely try to remember those feelings I had when I listened to it. I was struck by it's expansiveness and I really could not believe how a song could set a mood and create such a scenery for me.

The Book.

Whenever I got a chance between homework in high school I read. Some were classics some not so much. When I checked this one book out, I knew it was going to be great. I was not disappointed. It was A Catcher in the Rye.

I think everyone at that age is amazed by the feelings conveyed in this book. As a teen, soon becoming an adult, you start to see some of the ugliness in the world. One starts to feel a little jaded. I loved how Salinger wrote. he expressed those feelings. This was a breakthrough book for me.

The Movie.

I remember one of the first movies my mom took me to see was The Yearling, that was the first movie that I cried over.

But the first movie I saw that really changed it all for me was The Graduate. It was in the summer and I was about 15. I had a little TV in my bedroom and I watched it by myself. I was mesmerized. Everything about this film was so different for me. The music coming together. The colors. Everything. I was in love. I loved how it was shot and the design of it. (Before I knew what any of the terms meant)

Two recent films that I am equally excited about that have reestablished my love and hope for the world and film and art are You and Me and EveryoneWe Know and The Science of Sleep. Check them out, will not disappoint.


Margaret said...

I hates ye paw, I hopes I never sees you again, you went back on me, you betrayed me!

I do a really good Jody crying/yelling at his dad...

am i supposed to do this on my blog or in your comments?

kristen said...

Cool answers here PG - I'll play a little later.

paintergirl said...

margaret-you've practiced this.

you can do it here-or your site.

kristen-Hey I hope you do it!

Margaret said...

let's see, I'm not really a music person, so the somg, I'm not sure of

The Book(s: The Alchemist inspired me to pursue my personal legend and really see life as it's own journey rather than a grueling march... Anthen help me to step out and be proudly individual in jr high

The Movie: Cry Freedom introuced me to the idea of really standing for a cause

holly said...

Thanks for the challenge Painter Girl. I posted my answers on my blog. http://groovyholly.blogspot.com/

Leah said...

I'm glad to have found your blog through CaC!

Ilanna said...

really neat thing to read - i enjoyed putting my answers up on my blog. :)

come on over and read - though i have to say they don't seem as inclined towards the deeper end of things. :)

paintergirl said...

I'm so happy to see so many people do this. I hope my other questions live up to this one.

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