30 April 2007

Ecoutez l'histoire De Bonnie and Clyde...

I have finally come to my senses and I have started an account with Etsy. When I get my paintings loaded I will come back and tell everyone. It seems like such a nice place and I love all the items offered on the site. So very soon my art will be out there in this beautiful wide world.

Some random thoughts for today:

In Ireland they charge you .25 cents for a plastic bag. The country has cut down its usage by 90%. Can you believe that? And the money earned goes towards environmental clean up. I think I'm going to write some letters to my congress people. I don't know about you, but I really don't like seeing plastic bags in trees or around birds necks.

Ritapita has has made me laugh so hard. She has figured out my 6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon. I'm still laughing because whenever I think of Keven Bacon I picture him in Footloose.

I have been listening to a lot of Serge Gainsbourg and Bridget Bardot. I think I am picking up french this way. At least I will be able to sing a french song.

These are some wild turkeys running around near the nuclear plant-aww they're radioactive.
They gobbled at us too. That made me giggle.

And here are some jellies and robins eggs just because I love how the colors make me smile.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

I love candy.

On another note, I have stuff on Etsy and there is no movement. I wonder who sells stuff? Of course, I put on paintings of an octopus and collage flags, but perhaps I should just do some of my paintings. Will you email me and give me the link to yours?

paintergirl said...

Candy is so pretty.

of course I will, right now I just have an account. I'm going to schlep some paintings of various sizes down to a UPS store and see how much shipping costs. What do you use?

I can't believe your stuff doesn't sell there. Do you have paintings up locally in galleries?

Margaret said...

I love Etsy, I bought Christmas for my mom and most of my friends on Etsy, I'll have to show you my hat, from Hatsy, I could see you wearing it

Chickytava said...

Etsy is the best!

acumamakiki said...

The candy in the jar is so pretty and all my favorites - good thing I'm not around, or I'd eat it all up!

I love that idea of charging for plastic bags, can't imagine anything like that happening around here in the super-size ME states, pfft.

hollibobolli said...

Faith was very excited to see the jelly beans. She loved them - she now wants to eat them.

I can't wait to see what you put on etsy!!

JC said...

That's way cool on the etsy thing!

Ugh, there are always plastic bags in the trees behind my house. I hate them!

French? Just like Air!

I always thought wild turkeys were really skittish, but these don't seem that way. Mebbe cuz they're radioactive!

I love robin eggs. I stocked up at Target for 19 cents a bag after Easter! I still have a bunch. I thought about taking a photo of some too.

paintergirl said...

jc-I have one thing. let's recount-one thing on etsy. I found a painter that does some cool stuff and she sells a bunch. so there is hope.

Air-ah the french boys. Charlotte Gainsbourg-the daughter (who is in Science of Sleep) sings some songs written by the duo. It really is a small world.

I bet they glow at night-the turkeys not the robins eggs.

Jana B said...

"aww they're radioactive."

That made me laugh, SO HARD! (Not that the turkeys will soon start glowing green, although actually that does amuse me too, sorta... but that I could picture myself saying "Awwww... look at the wittle radioactive turkeys...")

I love the idea of charging for plastic bags... I bet a LOT less people would be throwing theirs away after use. I'm not sure how the large chain stores would react though.. it would make their check-out lanes move slower that way, and you know they're all about cutting costs. *rolling eyes*

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