26 April 2007

in this ever changing world-in which we live in...

God bless America.

It seems like I cannot get a second to sit and tell you guys about the last leg of the trip.

Between house viewings, working on the business, playing with the man, I just haven't had a moment, finally FINALLY getting my Amelie haircut.

I'm going to bang this out.

OK-now, Friday morning and we were in Troy. Had a continental breakfast at the hotel. I heart best westerns because they allow dogs, and they have pools. This one had an outdoor one, bummer but still it's there. I swear the cook/chef/heater upper of the food was an ex-con, but that's me being all paranoid.

Decided before we hit the road to explore Troy with a walk into town and find some serious coffee. Again very cute. Found a street lined completely with brownstones. Is it just me, but I always try to see myself living in lots of different towns. It must be the gypsy in me. I could live in a brownstone.

"I got the rest of the world blues"

So coffee for mum and dad. pastry for the wee man. Lovely.

The good husband then asked, "what do you want to do?"

My immediate response (And I do not usually respond so quickly)

I said-"We have to go look for Woodstock and Big Pink"


Me-"Oh yea-it's on our way back home"

Now-for some very silly reason we thought the actual place where Woodstock took place was in Saugerties. Noooooooooo.

My husband said-how are we going to find this? I said, someone must have erected a memorial, there will be a marker somewhere. i was so confident.

along comes the Saugerties exit.

Suddenly we see signs for a Lighthouse. A lighthouse? Let's go see it. We have to.

Followed the signs. Completely like we were chasing a rabbit down a hole.

we wind up in a neighborhood, next to a coast guard building. And yet it still said lighthouse this way.

What one had to do was hike a mile through this forest to get to the lighthouse.

Ah ha. here is the second appearance of inappropriate shoes.

This time I should have had on rubber boots instead of 3 inch ankle boots.

There was thick black mud throughout and we were all sinking.

The inappropriate shoes always makes me laugh because it's like the girl in a miniskirt in horror movies-she ALWAYS gets killed first.

There was promise of a lighthouse and yet we could not see one. pooey. We couldn't have walked further because a rescue team would have had to pull me out of the mud.

I really enjoyed it though. And bust my bumpers, I found out that a person can spend the night in the lighthouse.

Can you BELIEVE that? How very Gothic huh?

And let me tell you something else, the lighthouse keeper used to have a bakery in St. Louis, so it's fresh baked goods in the morning. There has to be something wrong with this picture right? It his my mission now to stay at this lighthouse.

After the muddy trek in Saugerties, looking around longliy for Big Pink, no chance. What was I thinking. Big Pink was a house Ric Danko&Levon Helm- (The Band) bought and set up a recording studio in the basement. Dylan came and this is where the Basement Tapes were recorded. To me this is about the closest I'll come to finding a mecca.

Next time we'll have directions, and I'll document the other copy cat pink houses in the area. You wouldn't believe it.

Remember this was all spur of the moment too.

Now to find Woodstock. Where oh where are you? We both decided we could smell it. Plenty of farmland. Wound up in Woodstock the town. Very funny little place. There are hippies roaming the streets that have never left. EVER EVER. A good place to find a vegetarian restaurant. I had tempeh burrito with peanut sauce. This is a place worth checking out, but not the site of the 3 day music fest.

Get home, the husband finds it's in Bethel, NY. How? Why? Where? It is way off. How did those kids find it?

*Now for all you crazy kids-tomorrow will be the big surprise guest over at paintergirl asks.


JC said...

What a cool quest! I totally would love to go to the Woodstock site. I have watched the Woodstock movie about 10 times.

Staying in the lighthouse sounds really cool, you should definitely do it!

I find myself in the mud quite a bit too.

David said...

I'm pretty sure Woodstock's where Philip Guston had his studio - after he chucked in abstract expressionism and the NY art world, that is.

(Left out the name before, idiot that I am!)

Margaret said...

you know, if you had had actual directions, it would have ruined the whole thing, sounds fun

kristen said...

I love the town of Woodstock - been there many times when me and the hubs used to hike all about the Catskills. Next time ring me, my husband is quite familiar with all that territory up there and would have directed you right to Woodstock, the site. But the mud...that sounds totally appropriate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you can spend the night in most lighthouses - but you wouldn't catch me there Scooby Doo.

Rose said...

The lighthouse!!! You really MUST stay there some time. It's amazing. Hope you managed to salvage those boots.

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