23 April 2007

Downtown the young one's are going ...

So again-walking up the stairs with Emily on a leash and my son running, husband trying to catch up with son.
I was wearing 3 inch black knee high boots.

It's called The Approach and you can read more about it here.

The campus was amazing.It is the first engineering school in the states. Pretty impressive. It's weird to think they have a graphic design program.

There was going to be a screening of this movie, but they never received it. That was a bummer. I was looking forward to it. But all is well, the head professor invited my husband and I out to dinner with the other teachers/professionals who also critiqued and it was so refreshing to have adult conversations about design and life with actual people sitting across from me. That made me very happy.

This is turning into an epic. More to come. The actual crazy bits.


JC said...

Cool stairs!

A guy I worked with at my previous job got his engineering degree from RPI. We would always tease him about it because he was quite proud of it.

hollibobolli said...

why is it weird to think they have a graphic design program? is that not common? I swear I've been to a school that had one - but I could be wrong.

That campus looks fantastic. I like the idea of an epic blog post done in stages.

I guess we shall wait.

Rose said...

wow, aren't those buildings the coolest? what's their design programme like? I've helped grade illustration and design students' work at the campus here. much smaller and less glam that there I'll bet. anyway, it's a fun thing to do. What was the calibre of the work like? Did Jos enjoy it? so... looking forward to hearing about the dinner!

paintergirl said...

jc-the stairs were so pretty and impressive in size.

I never knew of RPI until this trip.

holliholli-I think it's a litle weird because it's an engineering school. I think the admin thought it was a good idea to put in a design program to keep students in the school if they weren't doing well in their classes. ? Why not have architecture? That seems like a more transitional major. Maybe not.

rose! The campus was so beautiful And it started getting warm on this trip so everyone was out and in a great mood. Nothing like coming out of the winter doldrums.
I'll have Jos tell you about the portfolios.

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