12 February 2007

You live you life like a canary in a coalmine...

Who proudly watched The Police last night? You'd think I was a teenager the way I was yelling. I had tickets to go see them on their Synchronicity Tour back in the 80's, and my mom wouldn't let me go because one of HER friends said people would be throwing bricks. To this day I still hate that friend. What a troublemaker.

That was the only thing I wanted to see on the Grammy's, and I thought they all looked great. "Oh Stew, you're all gray now."

Ok everybody-I'm a little scared to return to the scene of the crime. I feel like there is some warrant out for me in this small village south of stinksville. I may venture over there later this week but really I think I'll just lay low.

My mood has been less than perfect the past couple of days. So many things on the line, and everything moves at a snails pace. Today is one year since my sis died, and there has been some crying. I should say my mood is all over today but I'm always polite and say the nicest thing.


kristen said...

I'm sorry about your sister, I can't imagine how that must feel PG. I missed most of the Grammy's (practice) and can't say I'm a big fan of the Police who were my sister's favorite band. I saw them in the mid-80's with my sister but can't remember the details. Don't I suck? (=
Your story about the concert tix reminds me of my husband's sim. story: The Who was playing at Lincoln Center doing Tommy (now you know I married a geezer) and his mom wouldn't let him at 14 go into the city at night alone, even though he'd been going in during the day for 2 years. (=

paintergirl said...

Hey kristen-You know it's just been an overall weird weekend and a bit of a teary monday. I can't believe you saw the Police and can't tell me about it. Crazy girl. I can tell you my strange story about seeing New Order in concert. Oi!
Tommy?! I bet he was so mad. Tommy-I would want to go back in time and see them perform.

JC said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling great, and sorry about your sister, that has to be difficult.

Yay, a Police post title! I was a huge Police fan back in the day and I watched them on the Grammys last night. They just announced the tour dates today, I'll do whatever I have to get tickets to the show in Dallas. I never got to see them when I was a kid, my first concert was in 1985 so I just missed out (my first concert was Sting solo, though).

Just lay low for a while, lady!

paintergirl said...

jc-feeling a a tad better today. Yesterday was rough.
I almost posted the song with the lyrics "my fine young son has turned out gay" because I love that song and well that was my mood but no one has probably heard that one. How old were you for your first concert? Mom's must be easier on boys. I think I was 17 for my first concert. Sad. It might have been Loverboy. Gag. Oh yeah-solo Sting. I completely forgot about that. I saw him too at UF. We made a sign while we were driving-it was a hang man style sign-Ting Bu. Which turned into Ting bud. I still refer to Sting as Ting Bud.

adam said...

Ha - yeah: and it would be OK on any other day...

Love that one. Hey - back from France. C'etait tres bon.

JC said...

I was 13 for my first concert, I went with my best friend. I can't remember if my parents or his drove us down there. It was Sting at Reunion Arena in Dallas. I still have the T-shirt!

I saw Loverboy in 1986, they were playing this festival called the Texxas Jam (yes, it had two X's!). I went to see Van Halen. Dio and Krokus were also there! There's actually a Wikipedia entry on the Texxas Jam. Sheezus, those lineups are late '70s-early '80s total hard rock cheesefests!

Jocelyn said...

No need to always say the positive thing here, in your blog. Be weepy when you are. How sucky that your sister has died. Go ahead and say that, right?

And how did The Police end up being such a classic group, after all is said and done? They were just cute guys with good songs for so long there.

paintergirl said...

ADAM! The dog just bit my leg...You are back! How can we make arrangements to do work for your father in law?

jc-13?! Texxas Jam you have got to be kidding me? Did David Flea Crotch tour around the same time as that Loverboy concert because I saw him too. And what about Van Halen reunion. Dio and Krokus whatever happened to those guys?

Thanks Jocelyn. I have been very weepy and not myself. I just need to keep going and not stop and fret.
Sweet Police. You never think that a group will be a classic when you're a kid. Funny that. Does that mean we've become classics too-like classic coke?

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